Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 4

January 28, 2012
Wow! We are now done the fourth week of January, and starting to look forward to February. If you have enjoyed my photographs for the Photo-a-Day Challenge, Fat Mum Slim now has the list for the February Photo-a-Day Challenge available. You should check it out. I've had so much fun doing the challenge for January. It's been like a homework assignment that I look forward to doing, and it's really made me think and be creative in a different way than I normally am -- working on cards and drawings for the SHOP.

1. Day 22: My Shoes - My Toms that I am currently wearing around the house to try and stretch for Spring.

2. Day 23: Something Old - This is the oldest thing that I know of :)

3. Day 24: Guilty Pleasure - I love me some Gushers candy!

4. Day 25: Something I Made - I can't take all the credit for this little guy, but I did do half the work :)

5. Day 26: Colour - My little boy's toys are so colourful!

6. Day 27: Lunch - There's nothing that I love more for lunch than left-over tacos!

7. Day 28: Light - Because of our South-facing windows, our home is filled with natural light.

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