Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 1

January 07, 2012
I recently discovered a photo-a-day challenge over at the lovely blog, Fat Mum Slim. Each day in January has a word or phrase associated with it that you can take literally, or use as an inspiration and go outside of the box. I am posting my photos everyday on Flickr, but I'm also going to share them here at the end of every week. Here is week one:

Day 1: Me - I took this photo quickly before heading out to see the new Mission Impossible movie with my husband.

Day 2: Breakfast - Yes, I ate ice cream cake for breakfast, and it was more than delicious!

Day 3: Something I Adore - I purchased these two sweet owls -- made just for me -- from Calico Owls. The tall one is Victoria; she takes care of her younger sister, Isobel.

Day 4: Letterbox - Fat Mum Slim is from Australia, so I assume that she meant a mailbox, but I took a photo of a wooden box that I had made myself back in high school. It is filled with my most cherished letters and photographs.

Day 5: Something I Wore - I love my scarab necklace. It is one of my go-to necklaces, and was a gift from a good friend many moons ago.

Day 6: Makes Me Smile - My son started growling like a little dinosaur, and it made me smile :)

Day 7: Favourite - I absolutely adore "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. It is such an engaging and creative book, and the only book that I have read more than twice.

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