Shop Update: New Directions

January 03, 2012

I am not a huge fan of giant art -- unless it is my of my own design -- so, late in 2011 I made the decision that, from now on, only small prints -- 3.5"x5" -- will be for sale. A lot of the prints that were once 8.5"x11" are now available in the 3.5"x5" format, but I am still willing to make them larger upon request.

I have been doing some rebranding in the SHOP. I have a new logo, and my new tag line is "simply sweet. simply art", and I believe that the size of my prints now reflects that. I'm slowly adding more little prints, and may eventually phase out my photography. Thoughts on that?

I have also been doing a lot more work with my stationery. I am very pleased with my little cards that are printed on fantastic paper -- so I'm told by a friend that specialises in paper and document restoration, but more on that later. I sold a few of my Christmas cards, and am now working hard on getting some Valentine's cards ready to send to your loved ones.

*On that note, there are only a couple of people that have signed up for the Be Mine, Valentine Swap. It would mean so much to me if you would consider joining us.


  1. i love that little valentine, so cute!

    and you've been to disney?! how awesome is that! we LOVED expedition everest! that was the very first roller coaster i've EVER ridden and we ended up riding it over five times, hehe. (: you described my feelings exactly...i'm already ready to go back to disney!! did you get to ride Rockin Roller coaster when you went?

  2. Thanks, Memory!

    I've been to DisneyWorld twice now and I really want to go back, but we are waiting until my son is tall enough to ride the rides. Haha! We rode Expedition Everest quite a few times as well, it is my favourite of all the rides in DisneyWorld. I have been on the Rockin' Roller Coaster. I love having Aerosmith blaring in my ears, and how quickly the ride gets going. So. Much. Fun!

  3. awww those cards are SUPER duper cute!!

  4. that's the cards...


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