World Alzheimer's Month 2022

September 03, 2022

It is the beginning of September, once again, marking the beginning of World Alzheimer's Month. As in years past, we are donating 15% of proceeds from all sales in the shop for this month to the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan where they programs and services, awareness, advocacy and research where they seek to "[empower] all people to live well with dementia while funding research into prevention, cures and quality of life."

Over the last eight (8) years we have donated $190 to the Alzheimer Societies of Saskatchewan and Canada in honour of my Grandma. Please visit the shop (Etsy or Square) to make a purchase in support of World Alzheimer's Month. Let's get past $200 this year!


Why We Should Move Beyond Just Saying "Good Job"

August 06, 2022

It's quite common for parents, guardians, and other adults in the lives of children to want to cheer them on, especially when they are trying to tackle something that they haven't done before. What's even more common is the phrase that is used when congratulating a child for being successful: Good job!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to praise your child for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something new, or for completing a project that they have been working on, but repeating two words over and over does not have the impact on our children that we think it might.

The truth is, we all need to hear that we are doing a good job, but it is more effective, and it feels better, when it's more specific. If a child I'm working with makes a tower, and is really proud of what they have done, I will make a comment on something specific related to the tower, and one to make them think about further possibilities: "It's so tall! How did you get all of the blocks to be that tall?" 

If a child has been working on a piece of artwork and shows it to me I will make a comment about a shape or colour and ask what they are working on so as not to assume I know what it is: "Oh wow! You added a lot of colours to your paper. Tell me about what you made."

Sometimes I don't make a comment at all, but will focus on the emotions of the child: "You seem really proud of the tower that you built. What are you going to do next?". If they ask me if I like their artwork, I will turn the question around and ask what they think about their own work, after which I will add my thoughts.

Really, the conversation is more about making general observations, especially about the effort that the child put into their work or activity, or how they are feeling about what they have done, rather than hollow praise for certain behaviours. 

These kinds of comments make no assumptions about what the child is doing, show them that I value them for more than what they have done, and that I'm genuinely paying attention to their actions. 

The ultimate goal is to get children to help people, complete a task, or try something new because they genuinely want to, not because they are going to be rewarded.

For more reading: Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job" by Alfie Kohn


What We Love: Summer 2022

July 23, 2022

We purchased a hammock chair from Hammock Universe last year and it has quickly become my favourite place to be in the garden. I love eating breakfast while sitting in it, or reading a book, and then being able to turn around and watch the bees collecting nectar from the lavender. It's so relaxing, and when I close my eyes it feels like I am floating on water.

Helsloot Petal Dance has such a chill space-y summer vibe to me, and I love how smooth and relaxing it feels with a softer driving beat. It's the perfect song to listen to while sitting in my hammock chair, giving me the feeling of floating.

These ceramic egg blob animals from Rolling Designs are hilariously adorable. Andrew and Marty are so creative in the designs and colours that they use. I don't think I could pick a favourite!


The Summer List 2022

July 09, 2022

As my son gets older, I have realised that a lot of what I have planned for us in the past is no longer age appropriate, or something that he is interested in. This year, I have included our favourte things from past years, but he has been spending a lot more time with friends riding bikes and exploring the neighbourhood -- which I love

I also have noticed that we have been doing a lot of things from past years, but they have become so much of a tradition that we don't even really need to include them anymore. This year's list is made up of things that I really don't want to forgot to do, or miss out on.


My Korean Skincare Routine: Nourish

June 11, 2022

The next steps in my Korean skincare routine are all the products that nourish my skin -- which means that they not only hydrate it, but also provide nutrients that help with acne, anti-aging, and enhance my complexion. These include the essence, treatments (which can include serums, boosters, and ampoules), sheet masks, and eye creams. 

I had never used any of these items before, and so I had to do a lot of research to not only learn more about them and how they would help my skin, but also to find the best ones for me. Initially, the most difficult product to find was the essence as it is not a common product to use in North America. 


The essence is a pivotal part of Korean skincare, and I have to say that it is my favourite item in the whole routine, and I don't know how I lived so long without it.

There weren't a lot of essences to choose from as I was building up my skincare routine, so I went with Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex. I almost instantly noticed a difference in my face once I started to use an essence. The red in my cheeks started to diminish and what acne I had started to clear up.

When it came time to purchase another essence, I decided to buy one from one of the Korean brands that I really like, as I had already found the online store that I use for purchasing Korean skincare products in Canada, and I had an even better experience with that one. I have since tried many others, including the Benton Fermentation Essence that I am currently using, and they have all been fantastic.


A serum is the only treatment that I currently using in my skincare routine. While there are many other options that can be added in, I never felt I needed any targeted ingredients for my skin, so the serum seemed the best option for me.

Much like the essence, I have tried many different serums that I have enjoyed. I have a list of favourites on Chuusi that I select from when one is sold out. I am currently using the Deep Green Tea Serum from Benton.


I absolutely love my eye cream! It's the Centella Unscented Eye Cream from Purito, and it has so many amazing ingredients in it that I often use it on other parts of my face if I want to target a pimple, or have had a bit too much sun. It has also done a fantastic job of diminishing my dark under eyes (I'm sure getting more sleep would help too).

My Korean Skincare Routine: Cleanse & Prep

Healthy Body: The Beginning of My Korean Skincare Routine


Curly Hair: My Conditioning Products

May 28, 2022

I have two products that I use for conditioning: Adwoa Blue Tansy Reparative Conditioner is my go-to at the moment, but I also have Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Butter Deep Moisturizing Conditioner with Sea Kelp & Argan Oil -- though the one I currently have is the leave-in conditioner. 

I like to be able to alternate between the two when I notice that my hair may be a little brittle from too much protein from the Adwoa one, I will use the Shea Moisture one for a little bit. Neither of these products have coconut or aloe vera in them, and I like that they are the source of protein for my hair as none of the other products that I use have any protein in them. 

I have learned that though my hair needs it, I do have to be careful about how much protein it gets, and it has been a difficult balance to figure out. This does get easier over time as you get to know your hair better after being on your curly hair journey for a little while.


Behind the Art: My First Wish

May 21, 2022

My First Wish art print

This little drawing was created many years ago when my son was still a baby. The inspiration came from a book that I would read to him called You Are My I Love You by Maryann K. Cusimano. There is one line in the book that I absolutely love that says: "I am your dandelion, you are my first wish" 

I love the book for all of it's beautiful, yet simple, ideas of expressing your love to your child, but also explaining the relationship between parent and child in such deep phrases. Even as I'm writing this, there are echoes of the lines in my head. I love how a book can sit with you like that.


Behind The Art: Safe Place To Grow

April 24, 2022

With the same idea in mind that I had with the empathy cards that I created back in 2018, I wanted to continue to design cards that recognise feelings and emotions that aren't always recognised by card companies that look for humour and band-aids.

I made the Safe Place to Grow card with the intention it be used for Mother's Day or Father's Day as another way to acknowledge the people in your life that take on that role, but are not necessarily your biological parents. 

Through my work with children, I have seen that there are so many different ways for family to, well, family, and it doesn't seem fair to continue pushing the narrative that those days are only meant to honour the people that provided you with their genetics.


What We Love: Spring 2022

April 17, 2022

I asked for this backpack from Terra Organica to be one of my Christmas gifts last year as I was looking for a new bag that I could wear on my back and was made in Canada with more conscious materials. I have used it a few times already this year, and love not only the depth of the bag, but the depth of the pockets inside. There are two that are perfect for a cellphone, one zippered pocket on the inside, plus another zippered pocket on the outside. I look forward to using it this summer while exploring and travelling.

I first heard this song on the radio while I was driving to work one morning. As I'm sure you've experienced before, the drive to work can be a hard one knowing you have a whole day to get through before you get to be at home again. But when this song started to play, it was so beautiful and calming, and I felt like I started to notice little things that we often don't see when we're so focused on this drive. 

It gives me the vibe of when a protagonist finally completes their task at the end of the movie, when they step outside and lift their chin up to feel the sun on their face for the first time in a long time. Or when you ride a bike down a long hill and feel the wind on your body. It's such a beautiful creation of sound.

This tiny crotchet dog is by no means the only adorable creature available in the shop Fairy Toys World, and I am in absolute awe of all of them. Anna has an amazing ability to create such tiny items, and their little faces will make it so difficult for you to choose just one. I am drawn to this little fellow because he reminds me of Ivan :)


Inspired By Reggio Emilia: Part 2

April 10, 2022

Since we have begun implementing the strategies and philosophies of Reggio Emilia in the classroom, my partner and I have started to undo some of the biases we were taught about how children learn, and how we as educators can cultivate a love of curiosity that will hopefully continue to grow. The following (which I have broken into two parts because it was getting to be too much text to go through) are some of the basics that I have taken away from my reading. Of course there is always more to learn!

View children as collaborators, not just telling them what to do and learn: This idea of children being their own teachers has been a game-changer for us. Instead of just telling the kids information, or deciding what we are going to learn based off of an old curriculum, we have started having the children answer their own questions and consider what they think the answer may be if they are unsure.

I have come to understand that preschoolers already have a lot of information about the world, but because they are often provided the answer by the adults in their lives they continue to look to us almost as if to confirm something that they already know: when my partner leaves for the day, someone might ask where she went and I respond with "Where do you think she went?" (don't read that with sarcasm) and they will come up with the response of "She went home for the day" or "She went to the bathroom". We confirm their answers, but encourage them to come up with their own ideas.

In most instances, the children are come up with some great responses to the questions that we ask them, or that they ask themselves and we prompt them to think about what the answer might be. We often do some probing if we are looking for a specific response beyond what they have already come up with, and we will provide our thoughts and ideas as well, but we want them to think about it first. 

I'm really enjoying this aspect of the approach because it is making the children more thoughtful in their responses, more inquisitive with their questions, but also comfortable with helping each other and working together to come up with ideas. We have explored some interesting topics, and they have shared some incredibly powerful thoughts that I never would have expected from people their age.

Documentation and collaboration work together to form the curriculum: Observing children as they play, and creating unbiased documentation makes the collaborative process that much easier. Through documentation you are able to understand what is important to the children at the moment, and what themes, ideas, and questions keep popping up.

At one point, my partner and I started to notice a lot of play surrounding death, so we asked the children what they knew about death. The responses that they came up with were incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. Children are aware of more than we think, and they are watching and understanding more than we realise. 

After our initial discussion about death, my partner and I were then able to source books from the local library to make it a part of our Circle Time, or morning meeting, with the children. Since then, we haven't noticed as much play around death, and when it does come up we can use some of the talking points we discussed during Circle Time.

Documentation can also be used as a way to communicate with families about what is taking place in the classroom. Sharing your findings can show parents and caregivers what the children are interested in, how they explore and use the space, and what they have been learning from their explorations.

This approach is less about sitting down and learning the alphabet, and more about expanding a child's curiosity and understanding of the letters and numbers that we see in everyday life. The way you set up the experiences and environment offers lots of opportunities for early literacy and math without sitting down and doing worksheets.

The environment should be ever evolving: One thing that really stood out to me while reading about the Reggio Emilia Approach this time is that you should be open to changing what is in the environment and how it is organized and arranged based on the group of children that you currently have. 

This is something that I have always unconsciously done after noticing that a space is not being used at all, or the way an area is being used has changed drastically, but now I am much more aware of it and how the power of observation can support learning. 

Documentation and collaboration can help a lot in this area as well. Once you know what the children are interested in and curious about, you can adapt the environment to reflect the areas of interest, adding items or taking away items, or even switching areas and making something completely new.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Part 1

Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Part 3


Now He Is 11

April 03, 2022


How did we get to this point in time? I know talking about how quickly time passes is incredibly cliché, but looking through the birthday posts over the years, in preparation for this one, really makes me wonder what has happened to all of the time.

We celebrated another quiet birthday with pizza and a movie (Encanto). and he decided that this year he would like two lava cakes form Domino's Pizza for his birthday cake. I don't mind the quiet, but I know that he is looking forward to being able to have some time with friends.

This past year he has been building up his independence even more, and has started to ask what he can do to help when we are cooking supper, or when he sees us working around the house. We have talked more about little things that he has to start doing for himself, or be aware of for when he starts to take care of himself. He took a stay-at-home course through Zoom that brought up things to remember for safety when you are home alone -- like turning off the stove, etc.

There are so many building blocks and nuances that we are now working with, and I know it can be really overwhelming. I like that he has a group of friends that he can go to so that he doesn't have to worry about all of that all the time. He's in the middle of being a kid and being a teenager, and that can be a difficult place to be. Now is when we start to see all that we have coached him through really come to the surface.

As with each year that passes, I am curious to see what comes next. Everything with this kid is an adventure, and it's one I look forward to every day.


Behind the Art: Keep Your Head in the Clouds

March 27, 2022


Originally designed as a card for a customer (back when I did custom work), I liked the sentiment behind this phrase that I decided to make it into an art print. I liked the idea of not being ashamed to daydream, and to have dreams for yourself that seem so far out of reach that they are up in the clouds. Sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about being grounded!


Weekend DIY: Office Closet Makeover

March 20, 2022

The office closet has been a source of frustration for many years, so I decided to tackle a makeover back in January to make it exactly what we needed. The closet originally had the builder-grade wire rack at the top where you could hang clothes and store some items on a shelf, and we added a couple of shelves to make the space more usable for storage.

As the shop has evolved and required more space for storage, the closet hasn't been able to keep up, and so everything crept out into our working space. It became really hard to work in the office because it was starting to feel cramped. I won't get into how much stuff was actually shoved into the closet, but I was shocked after clearing it all out.

After the items were cleared out, the shelves removed from the wall, the holes patched, and the walls prepared for painting, I got to work painting the entire closet (including the ceiling) a lovely jewel-toned green -- it's the same colour as the footstool in our living room, and I am absolutely in love with it! 

We decided to use the white shelves that we had previously put into the closet, and bought a few more to maximize the storage. When we got the shelves home, we noticed that the ones we already had were a bit shorter, and thought that we must have had them cut to fit the space (we just didn't remember). Luckily, a friend of ours was able to help us out, and trimmed a few inches off of each shelf for us so that they would fit perfectly.

Once everything was hung up, I got to work going through all of the stuff that had been in the closet, and organizing the space (which is currently one of my favourite things to do!). I love the feeling that I get when I open up the closet. It's a secret pop of colour when you open the door, and it's nice to have everything for the shop in one place -- no longer scattered about the room. I am inspired for the next project!


The Shop is 11

March 13, 2022

I can't believe that I forgot the shop's birthday was at the beginning of this month! Maybe it's a testament to how busy I am (haha!), or maybe it's because the shop is 11 years old and I've just forgotten about it after this many years. 

Though I must not have truly forgotten, because I've been designing and preparing some new birthday cards these last couple of months (probably in anticipation for the shop's birthday), including this birthday card with a rainbow on it. 

I had a lot of fun playing with the thickness of each line of colour in the rainbow. Playing around with the design of the card is something that I've been having fun with recently. I can't wait to show you what else has been swimming around in my mind lately!


Curly Hair: My Cleansing Products

March 06, 2022

I gave up on using shampoo to clarify my hair when I realised that it was causing my hair to dry out, and made it so I was having to start all over again to get moisture into my hair. For a while I was just washing with conditioner, but then my scalp started to get incredibly itchy and I knew that I needed something to clean up the build-up as cleaning the hair is not really the purpose of conditioner (it's just gentler on my hair).

I use a formula of 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (with the mother, of course) and 3/4 cup of warm water (water temperature doesn't really matter, I just like the feeling of warm water on my scalp). I work in sections and scrub it into my scalp as I pour it over my hair. Once it's all been used up, I give my scalp a good scrub, twirl my hair into a clip, and let rest for a few minutes as I prepare my shower.

Right now, I am doing this once a week as I am finding I have more buildup and dry scalp during the winter months. In the summer, I tend to do this once a month.

It took a long time for me to find a conditioner that didn't have coconut or aloe vera in it, and was simply a moisturizer (without proteins). This is the conditioner that I wash my hair with every time I'm in the shower. I apply it to my hair and then use the scalp massager below to really work it in and cleanse my scalp and roots.

Because I don't use products with cleansing agents, I have to do it all manually, and this scalp massager helps me to get deep into my roots and scalp without rubbing off my finger prints. Honestly, the scalp massager has been a game changer for me, and I don't think I could go back to cleansing my hair with just my fingertips.


Behind the Art: Feels Like Home

February 27, 2022

Sometimes I like looking back at my early card designs to not only understand how my work has evolved, but to also appreciate the level of simplicity that I used to have. Not that most of the cards I make now have become overly complicated, but, comparing Feels Like Home to this thank you card, there's a way to draw and write that I used to have that I just don't do anymore, and I don't think I can go back. All that to say, it's not a bad thing that my designs have changed, they are still part of Little Shop of ElleSee; they're still simple, but just different. 

This design was created to invoke the feeling that you get when you think about home, especially when you've been away for a long time, and how the people in your life make you think about that feeling; the feeling of being warm and safe (of course, only if that is how you feel in your home). I like to visit those feelings that can't be touched by a long, complicated message, or even on that is intended to be funny. Sometimes you just need three words and a little drawing. Simple.


Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Part I

February 20, 2022

I heard the words "Reggio Emilia" for the first time many years ago from my first room partner. I knew that she wanted to "implement Reggio Emilia", but I had no clue what that meant as I had just started learning what it even meant to be an early childhood educator. 

She gave me a textbook to read through called Working in the Reggio Way: A Beginner's Guide for American Teachers by Julianne P. Wurm, but I didn't end up looking at it until several years later when I found it shoved on a shelf along with the textbook Authentic Childhood: Exploring Reggio Emilia in the Classroom by Susan Fraser and Carol Gestwicki.

I had already completed my schooling when I sat down to read through each textbook, but I still did not know what the words "Reggio Emilia" meant, and had only heard whispers from the folklore that follows them around in North America. 

I quickly learned that Reggio Emilia is, in fact, a city in Italy, and there is so much more to adopting the philosophies behind the program that has developed over nearly 80 years than simply switching out plastic toys for natural materials, making lovely presentations to encourage children to play, and taking photographs of what they are doing.

While there were aspects of it that intrigued me, like setting up the environment to be engaging enough to act as the third teacher, I still didn't quite understand everything that was involved; there were always little pieces that I understood, but I could never quite get them to fit together to make sense of the puzzle. 

As I've been going through everything again, I have started to realise that the work I have done on my journey to understand anti-racism and anti-hate has helped me to understand that putting myself aside (my beliefs about children, my own traumas, etc.) is a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Through this work that I have done -- and, believe me, am still learning -- it is easier for me to understand that seeing children as capable means so much more than helping them learn how to do up their own zipper, or clean up their spot at the table; it means that I see myself as a collaborator with them, not just the person that is telling them what to do; it means asking questions in a way that gets them to think a little bit deeper and come up with ideas and solutions themselves. 

It's been a slow process, and has taken a lot of learning and reflection, but, with the help of my room partner, we are starting to understand how we can put the philosophies of the Reggio Emilia approach into place in our classroom.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Part 2

Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Part 3


What We Love: Winter 2022

February 13, 2022

My husband noticed this little fellow from the shop Misfortunes by Noa Geffer hanging out on my computer screen one day and decided to get it for me for Christmas, and I love it so much! I really don't know what I like about it, but I find it so endearing. Maybe because it is such a strange interpretation of a dog, and I find that the colours and the ear remind me of Ivan, and because it makes me laugh, but in a fun way. It's so sweet.

I first heard Dear Rouge when they opened for Lights back in 2018 for the We Were Here Tour, and was recently reminded of them again when Stolen Days showed up on a playlist I was listening to. I love the quality of their sound, and how they give me a vibe of 90s punk rock.

I find this little rainbow ceramic serpent from the shop PearsonMaron to be such a creative and wonderful interpretation of the rainbow. Not only do the vibrancy of the colours remind me of skittles, but I love the combination of a snake with the shape of a rainbow...which is essentially what they look like as they move along the ground. So cool!!


My Curly Hair Journey: 1.5 Years

February 06, 2022

Y'all!! The amount of growth that my hair has done in the last year is unbelievable. The way my roots have started to curl and lift...beyond exciting!

When I got my hair cut to clean it up back in September 2021, my hairdresser let me know that there had been a lot of new growth and so we decided to cut the ends up to match. It instantly looked thicker, and it, surprisingly, didn't need to be cut very short to meet up with the new ends. 

I have kept up with staying away from coconut and aloe vera, which has proved to be quite difficult, but doable (I'll be sharing my routine and products soon, so stay tuned!). Right now, for the winter months, I have been doing a clarifying wash with apple cider vinegar weekly, and making sure I add a lot of moisture to my hair.

These photos were taken the morning after wash day. I had just sprayed them with water, scrunched them up again, and let them dry. These are the first second day curls that I thought looked better than wash day, and I was so happy to see some of the holes in my hair slowly being filled in on the side of my scalp.

It is no lie when they tell you that it is a long journey when you first start doing the work to care for your hair. My hair has changed so much, my routine has changed so much, and it can be a lot of work sometimes (a lot of the time), but I love the evolution of my hair so much. It's worth it!


Behind the Art: Bridges

January 23, 2022


Several years ago, I created a map of the city I grew up in that had a few of the places that stand out (to me) as places that would be recommended to visitors. They are the places that many locals would tell you are the first to pop into their minds when asked about something that stands out in their city, and they are places that I like to go myself. 

In the middle of this map, I put the South Saskatchewan River as the riverbank is one of the things that Saskatoon is most known for, along with the bridges that help you go from one side of the city to the other. Since I drew the map, the city has gained a few more bridges, and so I created the Bridges art print to showcase the beauty of the bridges that help residents across the river.

Starting in the north end with the Chief Mistawasis Bridge and going all the way to the southern part of the river and the Gordie Howe Bridge, I drew the seven main traffic bridges that can be found in the city (yes there are a few more). I tried my best to pay attention to the details of each bridge, but still keep the simplicity of all of the other pieces of artwork that I have done.


Weekend DIY: Front Entry Makeover

January 16, 2022

When you live in a small house that is trying hard to use up every inch of space, sometimes you end up with strange little places (I never said they did a good job designing the use of every inch of space). For years we had this weird, useless niche in our front entryway that I could never figure out how to decorate or utilise. Then it dawned on me that we can use it as another place for hanging our coats and storing hats, shoes, etc.

We purchased a panel of beadboard that we used for the length of the niche, put 1/4" round trimming where it joined with the other walls and the ceiling, sealed it up, and applied a couple of coats of paint. After the wall was finished, we set to work making the shelving units and the coat hooks. The niche is not very deep, so the shelves could be no wider than 6 inches. It makes it a bit difficult for storing larger items, but hats and other smaller things can still fit.

We eventually found a glass pendant light that we really liked and added it to the space. After having lived with the whole thing for almost 2 years, I can't remember what it was like before we put it into place. It's honestly weird seeing the photo of the space before we added the beadboard and shelves, but that just shows how much we needed a space like what we created. 

It's made it easier to use our front closet as more of a storage space, and has helped make up for a lack of storage overall in the house. Looking at what it does to the space and how it has added to the house also makes me so happy and love our home even more, which is the ultimate goal when doing small renovations.


My Korean Skincare Routine: Cleanse & Prep

January 09, 2022

When I started the journey of learning about Korean Skincare about a year and a half ago, I did not start off with the double cleanse, but with just a gel cleanser. I have never had a lot of luck with cleansers as I find that they tend to dry out my skin, but as time has gone on, and I have learned more about the reasons behind double cleansing, I have added the oil based cleanser into my routine.


My skin has always hated oil based products, but when I decided to start doing the double cleanse after learning that it is the best way to remove make-up, sunscreen, etc. the Green Beaver Co. Sensitive Skin Makeup Remover became an instant favourite. This is one product that I will never substitute with something else. I does an excellent job of removing my make-up (including my waterproof mascara), and has not irritated my skin at all. 

I do this step every night regardless of make-up as it also cleans off my sunscreen. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after implementing this step, and it made me realise that I should have been doing it all along.


Initially, I was using the gel cleanser from Cerave, but decided to try some of the Korean brands instead after the bottle was empty. I was anxious to try a foaming cleanser as they typically dry out my skin, but so far the Pure Fit Cica Cleanser from COSRX has been working really well. It does create a gentle lather as you rub it on your skin, but it doesn't tend to get overly bubbly and settles down into more of a paste as you rub it around.

This step is important as it cleans off the things left behind on your skin that cannot be cleaned with the oil based cleanser. I use this cleanser every night as my second step.


While the next step is typically exfoliation, it is not something that I do every day and I will get to it in another post, the next thing that I do after cleansing (on a non-exfoliating night) is apply Pixi Collagen Botanical Collagen Tonic to a reusable cotton pad, and then wipe and pat my face.

The toner was another product that I was anxious about because I had bad experiences in the past with alcohol based toners, but I know it is an important step because it helps to clear off any residue and dirt left behind from the cleansers.. Thankfully as time has passed, people saw the need for alcohol-free toners like this one, and I have absolutely no problems with it.


Life Lately: Farm One Forty

January 03, 2022

The weather has finally afforded us the opportunity to go outside for the first time in a couple of weeks. We were asked by family friends if we would like to join them on a hayride at Farm One Forty, and we didn't pass up on the opportunity. Not only did we get to visit with friends, but we also got some hot chocolate by the firepit and the chance to see nature in winter (I will never pass up getting to be around horses).

The best part about it all was getting to learn about the work of Farm One Forty and how they are taking farming to the next level, while still keeping it old school and making it easily accessible to the public. I grew up visiting cousins on the farm, and that provided me with experiences that my child has not had many opportunities to receive, so it was really nice to be able to show him with a little piece of what life on the farm can be like.

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