On a Super High!!!

June 29, 2011
Last Friday I listed a new drawing that I had made for my aunts. It happened to be the exact same day that New York passed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and my drawing was almost immediately put in several treasuries in celebration. I was pretty excited!

But then, something magical happened in the last couple of hours today. The last time I looked at my shop, the drawing had less than 30 views, and a few hours later it now has over 280! I am super psyched, and just felt like sharing my excitement.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! (That's me squealing)


Bad-ass Rubber Boots

June 12, 2011
When I was young, I love jumping in puddles. I had this little red suit made out of windbreaker material that covered me from head to toe -- including a hood. I would put on my little windbreaker suit and my rubber boots and go out into the rain to jump in the puddles.

As I got older, and cared more about my hair, I started to hate when it rained. I hate the way it makes the bottom of your pants wet, and then you end up stepping on them with dry socks after taking off your shoes. And, I hate the way it makes your hair stick to your head.

Well, I now work with preschoolers, and last year we went to a yearly festival just for children. It is a running joke where I come from that every June when the festival is on that it is always raining. Last year was no exception. We got soaked, but I have never had so much fun at the festival.

To be prepared for next year, and any subsequent years, I decided to purchase some rubber boots. And let me tell you, I found the most bad-ass rubber boots ever! I fell in love with them instantly. I can't wait to wear them while working in the garden, or playing in the puddles with my son, and at the festival next year.

My bad-ass, snake-skin-pattern, rubber boots


June 10, 2011
I was going to make a blog post about something else today, but I wanted to share with the world that I got my first sale on Etsy last night! I am very excited!

I sold two of the Odd Bird blank greeting cards, and another Odd Bird blank greeting card that I whipped up this morning as a request from the buyer.

Right now in the SHOP it is: buy two items, get one free!

Odd Bird: The Parade - blank greeting card

Odd Bird: The Punk vs. The Square Heads - blank greeting card

Oh Deer!

June 08, 2011
I just put a new photo in my SHOP that I'm really excited about. I took it at the zoo while I was there with my preschoolers last summer. It is one of my favourites from that day. I couldn't believe how close the deer was to us. I was able to put my hand through the fence and pet her. It was amazing!


Slowly, Slowly, very Slowly

June 06, 2011
This afternoon, I went for a walk with my son and the dog. It is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining, and it is nice and hot, but not so hot that you melt as soon as you step outside.

I am trying to work off the weight that I gained during pregnancy. It is slowly coming off through breastfeeding, and going for walks. But, it is really difficult seeing myself the size that I am. It is not fun trying to find clothes when the size that fits you best is double what you once were; looking in the mirror isn't as easy as it used to be.

In My Grandfather's Garden

June 01, 2011
My grandfather had an amazing garden. His thumb was as green as Ireland. Every time my sister and I would leave from a visit, he would take us out into the garden and let us pick some flowers to make a little bouquet for us to take home. I always picked Snapdragons. They are one of my favourites.

When I was younger, I would help my mom plant her garden. I loved helping plant the peas, placing one pea at a time in a row, and then covering them with the soil. As I got older, I was given a section of the garden to plant my own vegetables. I planted carrots and cucumbers and peas -- my favourite vegetables; there's nothing quite like a fresh pod of peas. My little garden grew so well, and so much better than my mother's garden, that my mom took over that patch of garden the following year.

This year, my husband and I finally have dirt in our backyard, and I am looking forward to planting a garden again: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peas, beans and tomatoes. I look forward to the day that my son can help plant the garden, and learn where his food comes from so he can appreciate the work that is involved in every meal that he eats -- even if it doesn't come from his own garden.

Me, as a little girl, watering some of my grandfather's flowers.
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