Behind the Art: Get Up and Grow

April 29, 2020

Get Up and Grow affirmation art print

Nearly six years ago this affirmation just popped into my head (like a flower, I guess), and I knew that I had to write it up. It was around the time that all of those wooden boards and posters of affirmations and popular positive quotations written in different typographical fonts were really popular at weddings and for baby rooms, etc. So I jumped on the wagon with a couple of affirmations that popped into my head along with some quotations and put them in the shop.


What We Love: Spring 2020

April 24, 2020

I'm not going to lie, one of my uniforms for life at home right now is a pair of my university's capri sweatpants that I got for Christmas last year (they have been my "get home, get comfy" pants ever since). This pair of pants from The Gap is the closest pair I could find to what I have.

I first learned about Ludovico Einaudi last year on CBC Radio where they played his song Life, and I was instantly hooked on the beauty of his music. Giorni Dispari is the latest song of his that I am in love with. My cousin and I were talking about piano music and she mentioned and Italian pianist that she enjoyed. I asked her if it was Ludovico and she said that it was, and had a couple of recommendations for songs of his that I should listen to. This was one of them. Sometimes you need a little calm and peace to listen to (it's like the comfy pants of music).

Sticking with the theme of "Comfy", this adorable hand-painted cat pillow from MosMea. would be the perfect cuddly buddy (if you don't already have one...or the one you have doesn't like to cuddle) for curling up on the sofa or in your bed while reading a book or watching some shows.


ElleSee Draws: The Quaranteeny Art Show

April 20, 2020

I have followed Tiny Art Show on Instagram for a while now (they do tiny art shows in unexpected places that are absolutely fabulous and you must check them out!), and with everything that's going on at the moment I finally had a chance to make my own Teeny Tiny Art Show as part of an at home competition that they are hosting.

My show was inspired by things that I love most in life, and I decided to host it outside on my backyard fence and patio for some local wildlife, as the rest of the world is not able to leave their houses at the moment.

It was so much fun to create these tiny pieces of art, and set everything up. It took me back to the world of my childhood where I would create small things for the animals and creatures living in my room. I loved that part of my childhood, so it was nice to get a piece of that back during this difficult time.


Now He is 9

April 12, 2020

Honestly, where has all of this time gone? It's incredibly hard for me to believe that this kind, considerate, intelligent, thoughtful, funny boy is one year away from being in the double digits. This birthday was a strange one (for obvious reasons), and so we tried our best to make it a special one. 

He requested these cupcakes from Julie over at Unblushing Co. We've been making them for years and they are one of two cake-like items that he will actually eat (the other is Texas Brownies made by his Grammie). This year he helped make them (check out the photos on Instagram), and he requested a sparkler instead of a candle.

We ordered pizza and watched a show of his choosing while eating, and family and friends requested Facetimes and phone calls all day...hopefully he knows that he's loved! When it was all over, I asked him if it was a good birthday, and he said that it was. When all of this is over and the world is settling back into the routine we used to know, we will hopefully be able to have a party to celebrate.

Bonus: If you look at last year's post (here) you'll see we haven't changed a bit. Haha!

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