2022: The Year In Numbers

December 30, 2022

For the fourth year in a row, you have made the Curled-Up Pup pin the most wanted item in the shop! As always, we continue to donate $1 from every purchase of the enamel pin, art print, and card to our local SPCA. Since 2016 we have raised nearly $150 thanks to you!

For the fan favourite cards of the year this year, Chosen Mom was in the top four for the second year in a row, along with Moon of My Life, Sun and Stars, and Hanerot Halalu. I love that the Game of Thrones inspired cards are still standing out!

Feel Better, Ivan is the top art print this year! I feel so blessed that this little fellow speaks to so many people, and that it connects me with so many different dog lovers. I never would have guessed that this little drawing of my sweet pup would resonate around the world.

This year's top blog post was about the cleansing products that I have been using recently during my curly hair journey. It took me a long time to find what worked best for me, and I hope that people will be able to take some of the information that I have gathered to help them along on their journey as well.

Take care in 2023! I can't wait to see where the year will take us :)


Last Minute Christmas Gifts 2022

December 03, 2022
Sometimes we run out of time to order a gift online, or even forget about one person on our list, and that's okay because I have made a small list of last minute gift ideas that will hopefully provide some inspiration for you. All of these items can be found at London Drugs, but I'm sure they can be found in any little shop that you check out.

These squishy slippers are absolutely adorable, look sooo soft, and would be perfect for the person in your life that is always complaining about having cold feet, but also hates socks (though you could totally wear socks in these if you so desire).

I personally have one of these moon lamps and I love it so much. This version has many more colours than mine does, but it lights up a room nicely with a soft glow while also looking super cool and totally like the real moon.

Who doesn't love a nice water bottle, and I'm talking like nice complimentary colours with a sleek design kind of water bottle. Yes, this one does have a straw, but I chose it for this list because it is larger than 500mls, and, let's be honest, it's annoying to have to fill your water bottle that much throughout the day.

Yes, an instant camera is a gift that can also be considered in the days before Christmas. There's something really fun about watching the photos develop and having a physical reminder of a moment. I find that this kind of camera makes me really think about the moments I want to save.

Seriously, if you live anywhere where it stays below 0 Celsius for longer than 4 months, a heated blanket is an amazing gift, especially if it is also an incredibly cozy blanket without the heat turned on that can be utilized for the rest of the year.

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