Behind the Art: Bird on a Wire

April 29, 2019

As I'm sure you are aware, I am a huge fan of drawing penguins. There's a rather large selection of penguin themed items available in the shop, including this little art print I titled "Bird on a Wire". 

"Bird on a Wire" was inspired by the Pixar short "For the Birds", except that these little birds do not mind the penguin being with them at all, despite his obvious differences from their own appearances.

This print is one of my favourites, and, in fact, hangs in a collection of art in the hallway of my house.


Now He Is 8

April 20, 2019

It is unbelievable, isn't it? Time seems to move so slowly, but then all of a sudden you are celebrating your child's 8th birthday and wondering what happened to that little two year-old fella that you snuggled in your arms only yesterday.

Looking at last year's post, I see a lot of physical changes. I mean, he still doesn't have all of his front teeth, but even the shape of his face has changed, and the colour of his hair is much darker than it used to be (I'm having to get used to the idea that I won't have a little blondie like me anymore). 

I also notice a lot of mental and emotional changes. He's gone from ready easier books with short stories, to reading chapter books. He loves telling jokes, and has developed a really fun sense of humour. He's still working on being thoughtful and putting others first, developing skills beyond being kind to someone by helping them out one time and understanding what it means to be a good friend for a long time (without expecting something in return).

This year has had it's struggles, and there have been so many developments that are probably him getting into that phase of life where other things are more important than family and I'm gonna fight with you about everything, but, like always, I'm excited to see where we are headed and what kind of guidance (and frustration) will be in the future.


The Shop: Schitt's Creek Inspired Pin and OUTSaskatoon

April 16, 2019

In his Canadian Screen Awards speech upon winning the award for Best Comedy Series, Dan Levy said “In Schitt’s Creek, we are writing a world that examines the transformational effects of love when the threat of hate and intolerance has been removed from the equation. And while that’s not a reality for many, our goal is to shine a light out there that asks the question: ‘What if it was?’ Wouldn’t we all be happier if we were able to love out loud?”

Inspired by what Dan and Eugene Levy created for CBC (a national network funded by the Government of Canada), this pin was created out of love for a show that has opened so many doors and windows for so many people across this country and around the world. They have created something beyond special with Schitt's Creek.

When I first shared the drawing last year on Instagram, there were requests for t-shirts and art prints from people that shared the same sentiments as I do about the show. While there are definitely other plans in the works, these pins that Bayleaf Buttons put together for me are the first in the shop.

Now comes the exciting part!

Proceeds from the buttons (and anything else that joins them in the shop) will be donated to an amazing local organization for the LGBTQ2S+ community called OUTSaskatoon. They provide opportunities to develop social connections and community support through social groups and events, counseling and psychiatry, educational training for local businesses, schools (including educators and administrators) and health care professionals, and the Pride Home, Canada's first long-term care home for LGBTQ2S+ youth, among many other things.

It is important to use this artwork in a way that enhances at least a little bit of the love that has been shown on Schitt's Creek, as that is most definitely one of the most powerful uses of art.


On The Hunt: The 5th Annual U of S Alumni Bunny Brunch & Egg Hunt

April 14, 2019

Every year I eagerly await the email from my alumni association letting me know that tickets are available for the Annual Bunny Brunch where alumni and their families get to enjoy time having food together and then watch their children hunt for eggs in the large outdoor space at the centre of multiple campus buildings that everyone refers to as The Bowl. It is such a popular even that if you do not get your tickets when the email arrives in your inbox, you are out of luck! 

We have not attended since the 2nd Annual Bunny Brunch in 2016. So this year when the email arrived in my inbox just as I was getting ready to leave work, I forwarded the email to my husband and asked him to purchase the tickets on my behalf. Our son was excited to be able to go back again, and even remembered the balloon animal that he requested last time -- a dinosaur.

This year he moved so quickly while collecting eggs that it was virtually impossible to catch him at it, and he loved the balloon bunny that he requested from Warren the Balloon Guy. As we left campus he asked if he could go to university there. I told him he was more than welcome! I hope that the Bunny Brunch will continue to be a tradition of ours, even if only sometimes.

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