The Summer List 2015: Complete

August 31, 2015

I am proud to announce that we completed everything on the 2015 Summer List. It's a sad thing to be able to report, as that means that Summer has come to an end. But it was my favourite Summer so far, and I can't wait to go on more adventures with Little Boy next year. We might even go on some of these same adventures into Autumn and Winter. I was so happy to see him explore, see, and experience new activities and places -- Beaver Creek and camping were a fan favourite. I can't wait to see what next Summer will bring!


Shop Update: New Brooch Model Photography

August 29, 2015

I recently did some new model photography for the latest brooches that have been added to the shop. Just like last time, my brother-in-law's wonderful wife was kind enough to pose for me. We went to the same lush green wall of Virginia Creeper that they had some of their wedding photos taken at, and the rain stopped in enough time to let us use the last good light of the day -- thank you, Mother Nature :)



August 24, 2015

We had a busy, but not so busy weekend -- if that makes sense. I had a mini market that I was taking part in on the Saturday, so the boys had a fun day to themselves, and were kind enough to bring me a passion iced tea lemonade from Starbucks before they headed home for lunch. I snapped these photos after they came to pick me up and I had put my supplies away from the market -- which was not my most successful one, but that's okay because I made a bit more money beyond the table fee. His smile makes it all worth while, anyway.



August 20, 2015

My little Ralph Macchio and I enjoyed exploring Folkfest 2015 with my Mom this past weekend. It was another item on our Summer List 2015, and the first time that I had ever taken him -- I also hadn't been to it myself in seven years. We will most definitely be doing it again next year :)


Let's Explore Beaver Creek

August 19, 2015

As part of the 2015 Summer List, I wanted to take Little Boy to the Beaver Creek Conservation Area. It was a place that I hadn't visited in a very long time -- the last time was on an elementary school trip. While I enjoyed visiting there when I was in school, it's not a place that you would randomly say "Hey! Let's go to Beaver Creek for some fun!" 

But I would love for it to become that kind of place for my son and I. We did two trails -- that were a total distance of 2.8KM -- and he rocked them hard! What a little trooper he was with all of the mosquitoes, bees and other insects, and we loved listening to the different sounds that the insects make. He's also decided that we are going to go back again and do the other two trails. I'm happy about that because it means that he had a good time.

I'd like to explore when the weather is a little cooler, and the trees have started to change. It must be so beautiful that time of year, and perhaps the animals will be more likely to be out.



August 18, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, back when I snapped these photos, I was having some troubles with my Asthma. I had been cleaning the front entrance that hadn't been swept in a few years and my lungs were irritated by all of the dust. 

"You need a drink of water." Little Boy said to me matter-of-factly, "I'll get you one."

From the living room I heard him grab a chair and drag it over to the cupboards where, I can only assume, he climbed up onto the counter to grab a small glass milk jug from the top shelf of the cupboard where we keep the glasses. He turned on the tap, and filled it up until the water bubbled over the top. Then he carefully brought it out to me and we shared some drinks of water.

My heart swelled as he sat there and was concerned about my cough. For all of the times that I get angry because he has done something rude to me, or someone else, he really is learning empathy and how to care for others.


Thoughts: The Women's Roadmap to Health

August 17, 2015

As you know, my health is something that is very important to me, and it is a journey that I have shared with you -- from my food journal, to my thoughts on body image, and my favourite exercises. But part of that journey is also talking to my doctor about what I am doing to get to a healthy weight, and how to keep my body on the same track as my mind -- I've recently had troubles with my knees because of bad shoes and weak muscles.

When I heard about a campaign by Oscar Health Insurance on important information for women about their health throughout their lives, I was more than happy to share it. Oscar Health Insurance is a new technology based company looking to help their members take control of their health through various incentives -- like a Misfit tracker that lets you earn up to $240 a year just be reaching your step goal. If you're in the area, check out the resources they provide through their health insurance plans in New Jersey and New York.

Some the information that is shared in The Women's Roadmap to Health I already knew about, but other things I never really thought about -- like updating my vaccines. There are also some things that I agree with, and other things that I don't. The beauty about the roadmap to your health is that it's your roadmap, and you can make any twist and turn that you like with the help of your doctor.

If there's one thing that I learned, it's that your doctor is an important factor in keeping you and your body healthy and safe. A good doctor will answer your questions, won't make you feel guilty or ashamed -- or talk down to you -- and will help you make the right decisions to help you make the correct turns on your health roadmap. Take care!

*This is not a sponsored post, just the sharing of information


The Fringe Festival 2015

August 12, 2015

About a week ago we checked out The Fringe Festival in our home town. It's something that Little Boy and I enjoy doing every summer -- and it happens to be on our Summer List this year. The highlight of the festival was the UniProShow. Little Boy really likes juggling, and enjoyed watching Jamey juggle with fire. I have since caught him playing with black kitchen utensils at school that he pretends are juggling torches that are on fire -- the things that spark the imagination.

We also got to see a woman dancing with an incredibly tall pot upon her head, as well as some b-boys. We also grabbed some delicious donuts from Big O's Food Truck, and then I needed to grab myself a Coke from El Mercado Las Palapas -- which is made from cane sugar. Do you have any festivals in your home town that you look forward to every year?


Growing In The Garden: 2015 Fruits and Vegetables

August 10, 2015

I enjoy growing a garden of vegetables. It takes me back to my younger years when my parents had a garden that took up half of our yard, and my sister and I were given a small patch to grow our own fruits and vegetables. This year I added some vegetables to our garden, and have done a much better job of weeding. It's always exciting to see how things grow if you take care of them properly -- and pick them when they are ready so that more can grow!

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