Behind the Art: Love Lifts Me Up

January 28, 2019

Love Lifts Me Up was one of the first cards that I created for the shop. It was also one of the first major interactions with the people that were following along on social media. 

I had drawn the little penguin and the balloons and made a caption for it, but it didn't quite work for me. I posted the image of the penguin on Facebook and asked what words should go with it, and "love lifts me up" is the one that I thought suited the image best. 

It was a great way to collaborate and complete the card.



Christmas Bird Count 2018

January 21, 2019

Each year around Christmas, something called the Christmas Bird Count is held in different areas around the Western Hemisphere. The information collected by what are called Citizen Scientists (that's you and me!) is used by conservation biologists and naturalists to assess the population trends and distribution of birds on a daily basis.

This year was the first time that our family attended at our location in the Beaver Creek Conservation Area, and we found it absolutely fascinating. The program was run by some local birders with good knowledge about the different species of birds in our area. And, as you can see in the first photo, we even had the opportunity to get Chickadees to eat seeds from the palms of our hands (...mittens). I feel very fortunate to have even snapped some photos of them because they are incredibly fast.

We will have another opportunity to see (and hopefully feed) some more Chickadees at a Chickadee Pishing event at the beginning of February. Both events are a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, and explore nature in the winter.

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