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December 08, 2011
D40 DSLR from Nikon now known as the D3000 5. Sweet Fox Brooch 

Just like Oprah, I wanted to share my favourite things at this very moment with you. But, unlike Oprah, I am not able to give you all of these items -- but I am able to give you one -- the details are below. I just wanted to share them because I either love them, or they are an important part of my life. Here's why:

1. These pants are the only pair of jeans that fit me right now, and I love them because they are so stretchy. When the size I'm in is way too big, and the size smaller is just a  little too small, I'm still able to buy them because they have some give.

2. I was finally able to get my paws on this Christmas album. I'd been listening to it on the internet, but I wanted to be able to listen to it in my car. It is now one of my favourite Christmas albums, and -- here's a bonus -- Zooey Deschanel's lovely voice helps lull my son to sleep while we're driving.

3. I bought these earrings at the beginning of Summer, and ever since they arrived in my mailbox, they have been one of my favourite pair of earrings to wear. They are perfect because they can be worn with a dressy outfit, or a casual outfit. They have that perfect dressy-casual vibe, and I love that about them.

4. My camera was a gift from my husband many Christmases ago. It was a dream of mine to own a digital SLR, so when I opened the gift from him -- which he couldn't wait until Christmas for me to open so he let me open it early -- I cried tears of joy. This camera has seen many good times -- two trips to DisneyWorld -- and some sad times -- at my Grandfather's memorial -- but it recently has been seeing the best time of its life taking photographs of my son.

5. I had been eying this little brooch for quite some time, and finally bought it a few weeks ago. As soon as I opened the package, I put it on. This little brooch is even sweeter in person, and I have been wearing him pretty much everyday.

6. There's nothing quite like hot chocolate on a cold Winter's day. You would think that the most expensive brands would taste best, but I have never had a hot chocolate that tastes better than this brand -- which I believe is only available in Canada. Sorry friends. I pile as much I as desire into a mug, add some milk and hot water, and, voila! Delicious!

What are some of your favourite things?

Giveaway! CLOSED!

Kate from Posh Patina has been kind enough to give the Shabby Chic Daisy earrings to one luck reader! They most likely will not be there in time for Christmas, but they probably will be in time for New Years Eve :)

To enter:

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Please don't forget to leave an additional comment for every extra entry! I will announce the winner in one week from today -- December 15, 2011. They will be chosen at random from random.org. Good luck!


  1. I love the honeysuckle/dragon fly earrings.

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  4. I love the Simply Posh - Vintage Gold Patina Rose and Silver Filigree Ring

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  8. love what you're giving away and the Winter Cranberry - Handpainted Filigree Earrings!!


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  11. I like the Ice Queen - Shimmery Blue and Silver Handpainted Filigree Cuff Bracelet.


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