A Visit with the Mountains

January 10, 2012
During my second year of creative writing classes -- see my poem as well -- we learned about writing vignettes. Which are short, often very short, stories that focus on a specific even or person. I wrote two vignettes for that class: one about the viewing of my grandfathers body, and, the one I am sharing with you, my first visit to the mountains:

A Visit with the Mountains

The Sun was just kissing the mountain tops as I stared at the vast landscape. Giant footsteps from centuries long ago ran across the valley and over the mountains, now filled with years of rain that the ancient peoples drank. I sauntered to the edge of Mt. Whistler and looked over, careful not to lose my balance. The lights of the little town below, twinkled, trying to survive the cold. The boulders that cascaded down the sides of the mountains were the size of light, fluffy clouds, though strong enough to crush a house. I stepped back, and picked up a pink and orange rock; I put it in my pocket as a reminder of the mountains.

A beautiful sunset from the top of Mt. Whistler.


  1. That is fantastic! I am SO not a writer - I can barely get much writing done for my blog. Anyway - this short story thing might be something I could actually do. Great job - so lovely!

    Happy Wednesday - Brandi

  2. Thank you! You are a much better writer than you think...you've sucked me in :)


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