Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 2

January 14, 2012
As mentioned in Week 1, I have discovered a photo-a-day challenge here.  I have been having a lot of fun with the challenge. It's homework that I really enjoy doing.

1. Day 8: The Sky - I took this photo while we were on our way to my in-laws for brunch. The sky was amazing, and reminded me of a painting.

2. Day 9: Daily Routine - There are so many things that I should do everyday, but if something in my routine is different sometimes they don't happen. Make-up -- no matter what I do differently -- always gets done :)

3. Day 10: Childhood - I loved these little record players when I was little, but never actually owned one, so when I saw that they had brought them back, I pounced on one for my son...or myself :)

4. Day 11: Where I Sleep - I have a daily nap on the sofa while my son sleeps. I like falling asleep with the television chattering in my ear...

5. Day 12: Close-Up - I love this one! It reminds me of that game from a childhood magazine where they showed you photos of an object really close-up and you had to guess what it was. Guess what it is!

6. Day 13: In My Bag - In my bag lives a little blue mouse. This poor little mouse is blue because there are no blankets, and he is trapped in the bottom of my bag forever...or at least until I clean out my bag.

Day 14: Something I'm Reading - I do not read for pleasure much anymore, and what I do read for pleasure is usually an article or short story. Right now I'm focusing on helping my son to learn about the pleasure of reading.


  1. Love that mouse, he would be stuck in my purse - aka the black hole - forever. But there's always snacks in there. : )

  2. Hahahaha! As long as there are snacks, I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)

  3. i love the picture of the books :) x


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