Newest Lightbulb

April 28, 2011
I am working on a new item for the shop.


I am using the work that is already in the shop and applying them to cards.

Just something a little different to help the shop appeal to other customers...not just those interested only in art.

I am very excited!

One of the cards that will be in the SHOP.
More photos to come!

Hey, Punk!

April 16, 2011
A new addition to the "Odd Bird" series.

It all started when a friend of mine requested a custom "Odd Bird" illustration. I thought long and hard about what makes her unique and designed the illustration around her, and "Odd Bird: The Punk vs. The Square Heads" was born!


The Arrival

April 10, 2011
Last Friday (April Fool's) I gave birth to our first child.

Let me tell you, he was worth the wait!

This is a good time to let everyone know about the "Odd Bird" Illustration series, which would be great in any nursery or child's room (but don't let the illustrations be limited to a child's room!):

A light bulb lit up in my old brain; a series of illustrations about a single bird that is different than all of the other birds in the illustration -- not in a bad way, but a cute and funny way.

There are only two illustrations in series so far, but I hope to have more available in the coming months -- once I start getting a bit more sleep :)

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