Walking 'Round the Neighbourhood

May 25, 2011
When I was taking my summer photography class in university, one of our assignments was to take a series of photographs that were related to each other and meant something to us as a person.

I decided to take a walk in one of my favourite areas of the city and photograph five houses that spoke to me. I absolutely love the area I was using as my inspiration. The buildings are among the oldest in the city, and they have such character.

I love true black and white film for the reason that the photographs looks like there were taken 50 or more years ago. It adds to the beauty of the photograph:

I love this photograph specifically because of the sprinkler.
I love the way it glistens in the sunlight.

What I love about this photograph is the out-of-focus flowers.
They add to the depth of the photograph, but do not take away from the house.

My Newest Inspiration

May 24, 2011
I love walking around the city snapping photographs of the beauty all around me; the river is full of life, and the university campus is filled with beautiful old buildings that I fell in love with during my time there, and, of course, there is my dog. This place is teeming with inspiration, and it just recently gained one more!

I have always loved nature, and the beauty it brings to a photograph, but my newest inspiration, and favourite subject at the moment, is my baby boy.

Born April 1, a little April Fool,
he has brought nothing but joy and love into my life.

I can Already Taste Summer

May 22, 2011
Summer is close; I can taste it.

I have added some new photos to the SHOP of beautiful, summer flowers, and pelicans that hang-out on the river where I live so that you can taste summer too!

I have also added another size of photograph to the shop: 5x7. Stay tuned for more photos of landscapes in the 5x7 format, as well as some flowers.

This photograph was taken at a place called "The Weir".
It is a man-made object in our local river that helps control the water levels.
Every year, pelicans come to the weir to catch fish because
there is such an abundance in that specific area.
I love going for walks along the river in the summer months.

Simply Daisy

This photograph is of a daisy, obviously, that was in a bouquet
that we received upon the birth of our son.
We received a few bouquets after he was born, and I had a lot of
fun taking close-ups of all the beautiful flowers.

How I spent My Summer Vacation

May 21, 2011
My fondest summer vacations were spent in the Rockie Mountains of Canada.

I love how grand and majestic the mountains are; how they loom over us -- breathtaking.

I have added a couple of new photos to the SHOP from my travels in the mountains.

Hopefully they will remind others of their time in the mountains, or spark the minds of those who have not had the privilege to see these wonders and they will want to visit them themselves.

Blue Mountains

This photograph was taken during a trip to British Columbia, Canada
with my husband's family. We were driving on the highway
between Kelowna and Kamloops and I saw the beautiful blue layers of mountains
in the distance. I just had to take a photograph!

My First Sale!

May 05, 2011
I made my first sale yesterday.

It wasn't actually through the shop, but a private sale. None-the-less, it was a sale, and I am very excited.

There were three pieces bought, and two of them were from the "Odd Bird" series ("Parade" and "Tall Bird with Glasses").

They are gifts to be put on the walls of two different nurseries.

Stationery has Arrived!

May 02, 2011
The new stationery is now available in the SHOP!

There are currently only four cards available, but more could be popping up soon!

Blank Greeting Card

To make the cards a little more unique than just pasting photos on a card,
I have worked on them in Photoshop to add words and
expressions to make each one unique.
I also have added stamps, ribbons, and bows to each
card. There will be no two that are alike.
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