Cuba 2017: Hotel Cayo Santa Maria

January 29, 2017

It's been almost two weeks since I left for Cuba with my friend for a "Girls Week Off" vacation, and not a day goes by that I don't think about my time there -- or about going back. It was a beautiful country, and, though we spent most of our time at the resort, I highly recommend you visit. My friend and I stayed at Hotel Cayo Santa Maria, and we couldn't have been happier with our experience. The people were so friendly -- not a single person passed you without saying "hola" -- and did everything they could to make our stay enjoyable. Nothing gets much better than a coconut with rum in it, and a fresh cooked pizza from a fire oven. I plan on taking my family back there next time!


2016 in Review: Highlights from a Great Year

January 02, 2017

Our family grew with the birth of a baby cousin early in the year.

We had a lot of fun hunting for Easter eggs.

We had so much fun celebrating our son's 5th birthday!

We bought a kite with some birthday money and went out to fly it. Who cares how cold it was!

We introduced block-printed tote bags to the shop.

My son is now at the age where he can help with breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.

This year's family trip saw us exploring Banff: Town of Banff, Lake Louise & Johnston Canyon

We went to the Free Stage at the Jazz Festival almost every day -- even when it rained.

We explored lots of different parks in the city at any moment that we could.

We started exploring engineering and science in our sandbox through rivers and dams.

We explored different cultures around the world at Folkfest.

The Ukrainian Pavilion is one of my favourites.

Little Boy had some major dental work done at the end of the summer. It is a reminder to take care of those teeth!

We love visiting the book store. He has started showing an interest in telling stories himself.

The first day of Kindergarten!

 We were lucky to have an opportunity to visit a lake with friends. The children made fishing rods.

I had the joy of meeting the lovely Carrie Fisher. What a beautiful light.

We celebrated my 33rd birthday!

I had fun gallivanting around work as Tinker Bell for Halloween.

We had a wonderful year, and hope that you had a good one too!

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