Etsy Made in Canada Market 2016

September 30, 2016

Last weekend I had the joy of being part of the Etsy Made in Canada Market. It is a fantastic concept of markets popping up all across the country to showcase different makers that have shops on Etsy. The market that I was part of was put on the Etsy Saskatchewan Team, and they did a wonderful job as hosts. I wish that I had had more of an opportunity to shop around, but above are some of the people that I was next to, and some of the items that caught my eye. We have extraordinary talent in Saskatchewan, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be with them!

Broken Dish Necklaces: Earth Sisters
Watercolour Cards: The Gift of the GAB
Blown Glass Sun Catchers: Glassy-Eyed Beads
Crochet Pinkie Pie and Flutter Shy: Marjielous Creations
Hand-stamped Jewellery: Clair Ashley 
Crotchet Wrap: Hot off the Needles
Silk Hair Accessories: Appledainty


World Alzheimer's Month 2016

September 29, 2016

The Forget-Me-Not flower is a powerful symbol for people with Alzheimer's and their families. It is often used to symbolise the loss of memory, but is also a reminder to remember the people that we have lost to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. As you may know, the disease has touched my family as my Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I was a teenager, and so it was very special to me when I spotted these Forget-Me-Nots while we were on vacation in Banff. It felt as if she was with me in that moment.

It was two years ago that we began this journey to provide support to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada by pledging to donate 15% of our profits for the month of September. This month was a record year, and, with your help since 2014, we have been able to donate over $40 to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada. 

Thank you for the love and support that you have given so far. I look forward to adding to the number next year!

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