December 28, 2015

My sister and brother-in-law picked up a Lightning McQueen jacket for Little Boy this Christmas, and he loved it so much that he ran around in it all morning, and we could hardly get him to take it off in order to put his sweater on underneath so we could go outside. You know it's a good gift when...


A DIY Christmas: Portrait Gift Tags

December 23, 2015

I bet the finishing touches are being added to your Christmas packages -- if not already. If you're still not quite done, and are looking for a fun way to let your friends and family know which gift belongs to them, try drawing little gift tag portraits. I did this last year for my husband's siblings and their spouses. It was a lot of fun drawing them up, and we got a few good giggles about how some of them turned out -- check out John Travolta and Michael Cain.

Happy making!

A DIY Christmas: Gift Tags

December 21, 2015

Sadly, I did not document where the original idea for these gift tags came from, but if you find it please let me know so I can share it. I made these gift tags to go with all of the handmade gifts that I gave last year because they made me laugh, and they are so very true. You can't return a handmade gift unless you give it back to the person that made it for you...which I actually wouldn't mind at all :)

Happy making!



December 19, 2015

Friday was Pyjama Day at work/school for us. He was very excited to be able to wear his pyjamas to school, and picked out his reindeer onesie the night before. All week he would ask me how many sleeps it was until Pyjama Day, or what day it was and what the consecutive days were until I would finally say "Friday". It fun to have little moments like that, and to feel the excitement.

 I know that this series is all about portraits of Little Boy, but I wanted to share my pyjamas too :)


A DIY Christmas - Air Dry Clay Jewellery Dish

December 17, 2015

For this project, I used a tutorial that I found on the website Camille Styles -- here. All I needed was air dry clay and some gold paint, so I popped into the craft store to purchase some. If you don't have a lot of items at your house that would make a cool imprint in the dish, you could probably pick something up along with the clay and paint -- I used a necklace chain to make my design.

This tutorial was easy enough to follow, and actually inspired me to work more with air dry clay -- hence the brooches that I made for the shop. There's nothing much to be concerned about here, the only thing I needed more of was patience while waiting for the clay to dry out. Sometimes it's difficult to do projects that require you to wait 24 hours or more before finishing it.

Happy making!


A DIY Christmas: Galaxy Shoes

December 14, 2015

For this project I used a tutorial for a galaxy shirt from the website Auto Straddle -- I also used it once before to make a galaxy sweater. This is a DIY that I really enjoy doing -- obviously, or I wouldn't have done it twice.

Pay attention to the type of shoes that you are buying. They should be able to have paint on them without causing any problems. I had a little bit of trouble with trying to get them to bleach well, but I'm also inpatient and didn't leave them as long as I probably should. Also, If you don't want to get any paint on the rubber part of the shoes, you should cover them with painters tape before you create your galaxy.

Happy making!


A DIY Christmas: Tea Bags

December 09, 2015

I created little tea bags of loose tea with tea that I had purchased from David's Tea, using this idea that I got from the blog Lia Griffith. Luckily, my mom had some cheese cloth that she let me use, and I used some shipping tags as the lables -- I put the ingredients of the tea on the back of the tag.

Be aware that the tea you choose may want to poke it's way out of the cheese cloth. I chose the one with thin tea leaves, so I had to push them back inside sometimes. You might also find it beneficial to have a double layer of the cheese cloth -- I just didn't have much to work with.

Happy making!

A Gift to You: Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

December 07, 2015

'Tis the season for wrapping present, and part of that includes a gift tag. My gift to you this season is free printable gift tags with some drawings from Little Shop of ElleSee. Some of them are currently on cards, and some of them are retired. I printed mine out on cardstock so that they were a little bit sturdier. 

Enjoy the season!


December 04, 2015

He asked to play outside after his nap yesterday, and I was happy to oblige -- it was a beautiful day yesterday. We decided to scrape the piled up snow from where the cars go up and down the driveway. It was a good workout for me and he was a good helper, trying his best to scrape and shovel the snow and ice chunks.


A DIY Christmas: Studded Shirt

December 02, 2015

I got this idea from a blog called Project 22 - here. I didn't end up doing the entire back of the shirt because it required a lot of rivets -- more than ended up being in a couple of packages -- so I did a different design of my own. I just mapped it out first to see what I liked before I started putting the rivets through the shirt.

Make sure you pay attention to the tightness of the fibers in the shirt that you purchase. I bought a shirt that had a really loose weave and it caused some problems when I went to close the rivets as there wasn't much for the claws to grab onto and I had to redo some of the rivets.

Happy making!

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