Five Things About Me

January 15, 2012
A close-up of me and my pup.

1. I was the sports editor for my university student news paper during my last year of university.

2. I chewed my nails until I was 19-years-old, when I was finally able to break myself of the habit.

3. The reason why I like raisins in my porridge so much is not only because they make it taste good, but because my Grandad used to put them into the porridge he made for us when we were visiting, especially for me :)

4. I have a scar on my upper lip from being bit by a dog when I was 16-years-old.

5. I was an English major in university, but I didn't read all of the books that were required of me. I even wrote an essay on a book that I still have yet to finish. My secret: going to class, taking notes, and using what the professors said in my essays. There's something to be said about not skipping classes :)


  1. haha i always skipped class... or fell asleep in it!! so bad~! but those days are over now, thank goodness!

  2. I skipped one class...a lot...and paid for it in the end, so I never did it again. I don't know how many times I did the let-my-hair-hang-over-my-face-and-continue-to-hold-my-pen-so-it-looks-like-i'm-concentrating-on-my-notes-so-i-can-shut-my-eyes-without-suspicion though :)

  3. oh gosh, trust me, i would probably still be biting my nails too if my mom didn't dump my hands in nail polish remover every day when i was younger. that will stop it real quick! ha
    xo TJ

    1. Haha! Yes...that is a way to stop paprika :)

  4. i love that you were a sports writer! that would almost be a dream job for me (:

    thanks for your sweet words on my blog!

    1. Do you have a degree in journalism? Maybe it's something you should look into. And you are very welcome :)


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