December 30, 2018

Behind the Art: Bear Wears a Tiny Sweater

Bear Wears a Tiny Sweater came to me a few years ago when I imagined how funny (and cute) it would be to see a bear that shoved his body into a Nordic sweater that he found laying around in the forest after a skier lost it. It ended up being too small (of course), and he is not too impressed with how it feels (not only is it the wrong size, but it's also quite itchy). I wouldn't want to get too close to him while he's struggling to get out of it.

My artwork often comes from a place of silly imagination and "what if" situations. More can be found here and here in the shop. You'll see what I mean...

If you have any questions, or would like to know the story behind any of the other art prints (or cards), don't hesitate to send me and email or a message through my shop.

December 24, 2018

What We Love: Christmas Edition 2018

This "ugly" (because it's really not that ugly) Christmas sweater, that I made myself at the Void Gallery Ugly Christmas Sweater Party using their screen-printing equipment after a quick tutorial, has been a cozy staple for staying warm while watching Christmas movies. It was so much fun and made me interested in exploring the medium more.

Christmas Makes Me Cry from Kacey Musgraves is such a wonderfully simple song, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. I know that a lot of us have moments during the holiday season when we think about the people we love that are no longer with us. This song is one where I'm always able to reflect on the years past, and I love songs like that.

This Christmas Cardi from Heather Buchanan is absolutely amazing, and one of the cards that I snapped up from her earlier in the season. Her artwork and puns are on point and make me laugh so hard!

December 14, 2018

Etsy Sk Holiday Market 2018

Tomorrow is the big day! Etsy Sk's Holiday Market is happening at Station 20 West in Saskatoon, and I would love to see your smiling face there. Explore the work of 26 makers (plus myself) with everything from art, jewellery, woodwork, pottery, knitting and so much more! If you haven't purchased everything on your gift list, or need a little something for yourself (because you deserve it), this is the day to get it.

This post sounds like such a cliche local radio advertisement...

But seriously! Come on down and check out what these amazing people have to offer.

November 29, 2018

ElleSee Paints: Self-Portraits for a Year

One day this Summer I had a rather strange opportunity to see inside the house of one of the board members for my work. She went to art school and even worked at one of our art galleries. The walls of her house are covered in various types of art, and she told me the stories about a few of that I had interest in and where they came from. 

One of the paintings she told me about was part of a project that she had done in art school. The instructor had them do a self-portrait and each week they had to paint over their portrait from the week before with a new self-portrait. This was to teach the students not to become attached to their artwork. She and a friend of hers exchanged portraits at the end of the term, and that was one of the paintings that I was looking at.

I thought it was a fascinating idea, and decided to do a painting of myself every month for my 35th year, starting in October. While I'm sure a lot of the portraits that were being done in that class were in the styles of the painters that they were learning about, I decided to tackle the concept myself (without all of the education). I am an amateur painter, at best, but I'm curious to see how the portraits differ from month to month, and what might influence my work. 

The image you see here is my October painting. I just completed my November painting today. You can find it here on Instagram.

November 25, 2018

Behind the Art: I Mustache You...

This card was inspired by a friend who used this phrase as the beginning of a sentence for all of her Grade One students to come up with an ending for, and then she created a bulletin board out of all of them. I can't tell you now what it was for as I don't remember that far back sometimes, but I do remember thinking it was a cute idea (and a great pun) and would make an excellent card. 

Since I made it into a card several years ago, I have had some people order them to use them as a way to ask friends to be groomsmen in their wedding parties. I love the ideas that you come up with for taking my work to the next level!

November 06, 2018

What We Love: Fall 2018

I purchased these adorable mittens that were a collaboration between Something from Nothing and Boolah Baguette. Something from Nothing makes mittens using old sweaters and fabrics, and Boolah Baguette makes the most adorable dolls and stuffed toys -- I've talked about her before here and here -- and together they made these darling mitts that have been keeping my hands warm during the last couple of months.

My son and I are obsessed with this song. The chill beat just gets in your body and you either feel like moving along, or sit there feeling the vibes. I love it! And I love the message too.

I have recently been falling in love with a lot of art that has simply clean lines with pops of colour, and the work of Lela Harris as Doodle Love fits in nicely with my obsession. I love how a few lines can convey a story so easily.

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