Shop Update: Virtual Markets 2020

November 03, 2020

This socially distant year calls for a socially distant approach to shopping handmade markets for the holiday season. So, we will be participating in two virtual markets this month in the hopes to help you find the perfect gift or holiday card for your loved ones (for those you'll see in person, and from a social distance). 

The first virtual market is the Etsy SK Market (you can find it here) that will be taking place this weekend, Friday, November 6-7.


The other virtual market that we will be taking part in is The Wren's Virtual Handmade Market starting Saturday, November 21 and ending Sunday, November 22.

We've shopped some virtual markets this year already, and absolutely love how quick and easy it is to shop and find what you're looking for, but we will very much miss being able to see you in person and visit with all the shoppers that come to the table. 

Stay safe and have fun perusing!

What We Love: Fall 2020

October 19, 2020

I picked up these Birkenstock boot/shoes when the weather started getting colder and my sneakers were just not keeping my feet warm while I was outside anymore, and I absolutely love them! While I know that they will not do the work of my mukluks, they have done a wonderful job keeping my feet warmer  while I'm outside with the children at work.

I heard this song from James Hunter while driving to get groceries one night, and I just loved the vibe of the whole thing, especially those saxophones at the beginning.

These delicious earrings (they're called marmalade hoops!) from Amilley and Hyde are absolutely gorgeous, along with all of the other unique and colourful earrings that can be found in Amanada's shop.

Shop Update: World Alzheimer's Month 2020

October 05, 2020


I am so excited to be able to share that with you support, we were able to donate $20 to the Alzheimer's Society of Saskatchewan this year. It's an odd year this year with not being able to do in-person handmade markets, so I was a bit worried about how much we would be able to collect for donations, but you came through and made lots of purchases in September, making it so we could add to our total. So far, including this year, we have donated $180 to the Alzheimer's Societies of Canada and Saskatchewan. Thank you!!

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