August 19, 2018

Waskesiu 2018: Treebeard Trail

We took our annual trip to Waskesiu at the end of July this year, and, while we were there, we did things a little differently than we had in the past. One of the differences was a hike on a trail that we had never been on before, and I'm pretty sure that it is now our favourite. Well off the beaten path (you have to take a dirt road around the lake), it doesn't seem like it is a trail that is walked on very often, which makes it all the more amazing. 

We grabbed a pamphlet at the beginning of the walk, and I read as we reached each marker along the hike. We learned about the importance of forest fires and how it gives birth to a new part of the forest. The decomposition, the flowering, the seeds released during the fire, everything has a purpose. The pamphlet was quite fascinating, really, as it talked a lot about trees; the animals that live in them or near them and how they (trees and animals) help each other; the purpose of underground springs; how each bird has a specific, unspoken contract, for a niche in a tree. I could go on, it really was very informative.

While we didn't spot any large wildlife (thankfully) on the trek, we did see a lot of different kinds of mushrooms and mosses, as well as trees and plants in different states of growth and decomposition (queue the pamphlet learning), and developed even more of an appreciation for the world that we live in, and the efforts to keep it safe and healthy.

August 10, 2018

Our 3 Favourite Stationers

As someone that creates stationery, I am drawn to other people that also work with paper...fellow stationers (I Googled that, it is a real word). I seem to enjoy work that is similar (punny), but also quite different from my own. Some of the artists have a more realistic style to their artwork, while others take on more words with simple images. I hope you will enjoy their work as much as I do!

I ordered some Christmas cards from Heather Buchanan a couple of years ago. They were fantastically written puns related to rappers (I gave one to each of my girl friends and they loved them!), and the artwork was incredibly realistic. I have enjoyed watching her work through her Instagram account. Her most recent paintings of people eating food is amazing!

Julie Ann is constantly coming up with new, socially relevant ideas for her cards that often have a hilarious little kick in the nuts at the end (raise your hand if this birthday card would be relatable for you or someone you know), and knows how to write it perfectly and succinctly with images that tie it all together.

I picked this card up from an Urban Outfitters for a friend a few years ago for her birthday, and shortly afterwards discovered Seas and Peas online to order some Christmas cards (my father-in-law is a big fan of Christmas Vacation). 

Seas and Peas is puns done right (which, as I'm sure you have figured out at this point, always make me laugh) and, like all the others that have been mentioned, definitely have their finger on the pulse of society and what is popular at the moment.

July 23, 2018

ElleSee's Favourite Everyday Makeup Products

This summer I have only been putting on my mascara, but, I know how much fun makeup can be to wear, and how it makes me feel in the winter when I add a little bit of colour to my face. So, I really wanted to share with you what my favourite everyday makeup products are:

I'm a huge fan of the Fenty PRO FILT'R Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation. What I like best about it is, if you get the proper shade (I went into my local Sephora to get matched up), you have no idea that it's worn off because it matches your skin tone so well, and I like how smooth my skin looks when I wear it.

I also like using the Fenty MATCH STICK Matte Skinstick as an under-eye highlighter and a concealer. It blends in perfectly with the foundation, and can even be used when I don't have any foundation on (today I used it to cover a small pimple).

Tarte's Lights Camera Splashes Waterproof Mascara became my go-to mascara a few years ago when I tried to find a mascara that didn't have as many ingredients that irritate your eyes. It took a little bit of time to get used to as it's not hard and crusty like other mascaras because of the beeswax. It also doesn't come off easily (which is a testament to the waterproof aspect), but cleans up nicely with  a proper waterproof eye makeup remover.

I adore the Sephora Collection of eye shadows. They have been my go-to for selecting eye shadow colours since Sephora first opened where I live. There are so many colours to choose from that I was even able to match two colours from an old Cover Girl compact that I just couldn't get rid of because I loved the combination too much. I also use the black as my eyeliner every day. It's adds a nice dimension to my eyelashes, but it's also a soft line.

Not pictured: The Fenty GLOSS BOMB Universal Lip Luminizer is mind blowing. I have never been one to wear lip gloss because I cannot find a shade that works for me, or doesn't feel as sticky as a humid summer's day, but I absolutely love the Fenty lip luminizer that a friend gave to me as a gift. It really does look fantastic on everyone.


July 15, 2018

Behind the Art: In The Mountains

It is no secret that I am in love with the mountains. If you take a look through some of my vacation photos on Instagram, you'll see that we visit them quite a bit -- though probably not as much as people that live closer than we do. 

Regardless, after my first camping trip to the mountains in high school, I developed a certain affinity for the mountains, and look forward to any subsequent vacations in that direction of the country.

This art print comes from my love of the mountains -- which I know I share with many other people around the world -- and waking up to the splendor and calm that arises from emerging from your tent in the morning and being in their presence.

July 08, 2018

5 Instagram Accounts I'm Currently Connecting With

Instagram is a lot of things to a lot of people. I find it to be a source of inspiration, a place of connection, and a way to waste some time. Instagram is constantly changing, and I find as I evolve in how I present myself and the shop on the platform, that the people that inspire me and that I connect with are changing as well. 

As I enter different phases of my life, I connect with people that I never thought I would before. Here are 5 Instagram accounts that are currently inspiring me, or connecting with my life:

I honestly would not be able to tell you when I started following Ana of Bluebirdkisses, but she only had one child then (around the same age as my son) and she and her husband have since added two more. I remember being drawn to her because our children were close in age, but it wasn't until recently that I really started to feel like I have connected with her. 

She has been quite candid lately about her life and behind the scenes of social media, but what I feel connected me the most is her journey in fitness and a healthy body. There are so many elements that are similar to mine, and I find myself silently (sometimes I make a comment) cheering her on.

Sarah of Sarahgoldenart has been an inspiration to me (if you can't tell by the painting in the photo above and the recent artwork I've been sharing on Instagram) and I am awestruck by the work that she does. Each piece is incredibly unique, and tells it's own little story. I love abstract art for that exact reason: that every piece can be interpreted differently and each person that sets their eyes on it has their own experience with it.

I don't remember exactly when I started following Kelle of Etst, but I do know that I started following her after I spotted a beautiful black and white photo she had taken of her daughter Nella. When I am drawn to a photo on Instagram, I usually head to the account to see if I would like the other photos and stories that are shared before I hit the follow button. 

It didn't take me too long to realise that I wanted to hop in the car and head out on the drive that Kelle was taking, and what a drive it has been. Kelle shares the most amazing photographs, and the stories that go with them are uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes make me cry. This lady has a wonderful gift for using words.

I have been following along with Erin of Boolahbaguette ever since I got Instagram. We met years ago at a Flock & Gather handmade market, and I instantly fell in love with all of the things that she creates, as well as her passion for her work. I really look forward to seeing her posts in my feed. They are a little light during my day.

Seriously, your heart will melt while you look through her Instagram photos. The time and energy that she puts into her dolls and other items really shines through in her photographs. Plus, she has the warmest, most welcoming personality (which I've talked about before) that makes seeing her in your Instagram feed all the more enjoyable.

I first found Elsie Larson and her sister Emma through their blog A Beautiful Mess while I was on maternity leave -- we won't talk about how long ago -- and really enjoyed their work. So I naturally added her to my Instagram followers when I finally got an iPhone, but it wasn't until recently that I really started to connect with her on a different level.

Late last year, Elsie and her husband welcomed their little girl Nova into their life, and, as Elsie put it so well when she shared her first photo with her little girl "We were together. I forget the rest", I really don't remember what Elsie's Instagram account was like before this little ray of sunshine.

I love the photos and the snippets of life in the videos that she shares, especially the songs. Nova has such a beautiful singing voice, and she is so much fun to watch ("painting" is my personal favourite). It really is a treat that Elsie shares so much. Nova is such a precious gift to their family, and it's been wonderful watching the changes that she has caused. It takes me back to when my son was a little guy.

June 27, 2018

What We Love: Summer 2018

Floral Shorts from H&M

I have been struggling recently with finding shorts that fit my body properly. There are pairs of shorts that I currently own, and have owned for many years now, that are starting to fit poorly because of the changes in my body from working out a little more -- boo hoo, I know. I'm constantly pulling at them and they ride up all the time, so I have found myself being drawn to shorts that have a much looser and more relaxed fit, like this lovely floral pair from H&M that are the exact same style as a pair that I own in an orange-y red colour. I love them!

I know that this song from Young Summer is a few years old, but, in my defense, I just recently heard it for the first time, and I think it has the perfect chill vibe for summer. I mean, her name even has the word "summer" in it. How could it not be meant for the season?! It's perfect for lounging on the deck while sharing a drink with friends, or even reading a book.

Travel Pouch from True Leaf

I am in love with this travel pouch from the shop True Leaf. Not only does that beautiful floral pattern make me think of a tropical vacation (say Hawaii or Cuba), but it would be perfect for holding any odds and ends that are needed on said getaway. Plus, it can double as a fold-able clutch to be used at any time...not just on a holiday.

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