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by LC McDonald

February 24, 2017

What We Love: Winter 2017

This sweater from Rebecca King Fashion is a staple in our wardrobe this winter. It is perfect for wearing underneath your wool duffle coat this winter -- the neck acts as a scarf, and the bottom keeps your legs warm. It also transfers nicely to your Spring/Fall wardrobes as a cozy sweater. We love the work of Rebecca King -- see previous purchase here -- and are already plotting which sweaters to buy next.

This song from The Overcoats has been playing on the radio a lot lately. We love the vibe of the music, and the harmonies of the voices singing. Beautiful.

We are in love with brooches and handmade pins. This cute little pigeon pin from Jolly Awesome Art caught our eye recently. The shop is currently on a little break, but be sure that we're going to snap it up when it opens again.

February 12, 2017

Unique Last Minute Valentine Gifts

Write a love letter on a typewriter to give along with one of the books from this list -- Pride & Prejudice is one of my personal favourites. If you don't have access to a typewriter, there's nothing wrong with writing a note with pen and paper.

Grab a sassy valentine card from one of Julie Ann Art's stockists -- it's too late to order one. There's even a shop in Saskatchewan that has her cards available. This would be a nice addition to a bouquet a flowers.

If you like to do embroidery -- or have dabbled in it recently -- then one of these simple designs would be quick and easy to make. You just might have all of the items you need to make it laying around the house, and would go nicely with some chocolates.

If your loved one loves flowers, but can't handle the smell, a beautiful botanical print -- that can be found on Google -- printed off and framed would make a lovely gift. This would pair well with a bottle of wine.

February 05, 2017

Cuba 2017: Sancti Spiritus & Trinidad

While we were in Cuba, my friend and I took an excursion from Cayo Santa Maria to Trinidad via Sancti Spiritus -- which was a short stop to get a sangria and explore the streets and churches. Our first stop in Trinidad was a lovely pottery house called Casa Chichi. We were able to watch the items being made, and explore the shop -- which was open-air and so wonderful to be in. I picked out a cute, green teapot to take home with me.

After lunch, where we were serenaded by a local band, we were taken on a tour of some of the main roads in Trinidad, and then we were told to go shop and explore and meet back at La Canchancara -- where we could get some canchanchara served in small glasses that were made by Casa Chichi. 

We visited two different markets, and found a few art galleries to explore. The art in Trinidad was amazing. It seemed like such a creative city where, again, the Cuban people were so warm and welcoming. I also found some beautiful leather sandals that I can't wait to wear this summer. Trinidad is definitely worth a visit while in Cuba.

January 29, 2017

Cuba 2017: Hotel Cayo Santa Maria

It's been almost two weeks since I left for Cuba with my friend for a "Girls Week Off" vacation, and not a day goes by that I don't think about my time there -- or about going back. It was a beautiful country, and, though we spent most of our time at the resort, I highly recommend you visit. My friend and I stayed at Hotel Cayo Santa Maria, and we couldn't have been happier with our experience. The people were so friendly -- not a single person passed you without saying "hola" -- and did everything they could to make our stay enjoyable. Nothing gets much better than a coconut with rum in it, and a fresh cooked pizza from a fire oven. I plan on taking my family back there next time!

January 02, 2017

2016 in Review: Highlights from a Great Year

Our family grew with the birth of a baby cousin early in the year.

We had a lot of fun hunting for Easter eggs.

We had so much fun celebrating our son's 5th birthday!

We bought a kite with some birthday money and went out to fly it. Who cares how cold it was!

We introduced block-printed tote bags to the shop.

My son is now at the age where he can help with breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.

This year's family trip saw us exploring Banff: Town of Banff, Lake Louise & Johnston Canyon

We went to the Free Stage at the Jazz Festival almost every day -- even when it rained.

We explored lots of different parks in the city at any moment that we could.

We started exploring engineering and science in our sandbox through rivers and dams.

We explored different cultures around the world at Folkfest.

The Ukrainian Pavilion is one of my favourites.

Little Boy had some major dental work done at the end of the summer. It is a reminder to take care of those teeth!

We love visiting the book store. He has started showing an interest in telling stories himself.

The first day of Kindergarten!

 We were lucky to have an opportunity to visit a lake with friends. The children made fishing rods.

I had the joy of meeting the lovely Carrie Fisher. What a beautiful light.

We celebrated my 33rd birthday!

I had fun gallivanting around work as Tinker Bell for Halloween.

We had a wonderful year, and hope that you had a good one too!

December 18, 2016

My Finds: A Flock & Gather Winter Wonders 2016 Simple Gift Guide

KR Jewelry  - Beautiful jewelry for your best girl friend

Mortise & Tenon Shop  - Do you know someone that appreciates beautifully crafted 
wood products that are incredibly useful? These cutting boards 
and coasters are perfect

Junipermoon Puppets  - Always an excellent place to find something for the littles in your life
 that are into imaginative play...and some adults too :)

Carole Epp Ceramics  - Perfect little necklaces for the growing girl in your life, or 
your friend that loves cats

Something From Nothing Mittens  - Made from rescued sweaters, these are perfect 
for anyone on your list

Mimi & Lala  - An excellent shop to find a gift for the littles in your life

Clair Ashley  - Simply beautiful cuffs that have a secret message inside, perfect
 for your mom, sister, or your best friend

Lone Tree Handcraft  - We all know that our friends cut vegetables on gross plastic
cutting boards. These ones are super solid, one of a kind, and easy to care for

Willow & Wheat  - A great gifts for those new little people in your life

Uncle Mike's All Natural Products  - Perfect for your husband, dad, uncle...

Three Leaf Apparel  - Perfect for the person that likes to be cozy and warm

CMB Printworks  - A wonderful gift to grab for a friend that's looking to dress 
up their Christmas Trees

Last Shoes  - Perfect for people that appreciate handcrafted shoes and other leather goods

Femmebroidery  - Looking to empower your girl friends with some of the best 
sayings that can hang from their walls? This is the best spot to find them

Birch Artisan Studios  - Perfect finds for your wife, mom, sister...

Small Shapes  - Perfect for anyone that would like a sip of tea, or a chug of hot chocolate

The Rosy Deer  - We all know someone that would love and appreciate the softest fabrics
 and yarns you could ever find -- one of a kind, too

Callista Prints  - Perfect Christmas cards to make your and your family giggle, and art 
prints to make them all smile

Salgado Fenwick  - An excellent gift for your friend, or funny uncle, that
 likes sweaters, and so much more

Hinterland Honey  - Sweet and pure. A perfectly quick and easy gift to grab for anyone 
that likes something sweet in their tea, or on their toast

North Birch Grove  - Perfect for people that love the prairies...and Ontario

Joyweave - Perfect for a friend that's looking to dress up her walls

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