Read It: Light From Other Stars

January 16, 2021


I have to say that I was first attracted to the cover of Light From Other Stars by Erika Swyler before anything else. To draw me in at the bookstore, a good book (that I've never heard of before) must go through three tests in my mind: first, I'm drawn in by the cover art, then I process whether or not I like the title, and, lastly, I open the book to a random page to see if I enjoy the style of writing from the author. This book easily passed all three.

As I started reading though, it took me a little bit to get hooked in, but, once it got me, it sank those claws in deep. The more I read, the more I wanted to know, and, the more I knew, the more my mind was searching for answers, and, the more it was searching for answers, the more I knew that I couldn't figure this book out and I loved it!

This book is the furthest thing from a psychological thriller, but it had the same kinds of twists and turns that you would never had expected. Written from what seems to be two different times, though you're only ever told one specific time, this book deals with everything from family and loss to physics and space. It seems like a very broad range of topics, but it ends up taking you on an adventure of a lifetime where everything comes together beautifully in the end. It is truly one of my favourite books.

2020 Shop Year-End

December 30, 2020

For the second year in a row, the Curled-Up Pup pin has been a fan favourite! As well, the Simple the Best card, Rainbow of My Life card, Moon of My Life card, and Dog Baby card were the top cards in the shop (both in favourites and purchases).

This year you helped us donate $65 to OUTSaskatoon, $51 to the Saskatoon SPCA, and $20 to the Alzheimer's Society of Saskatchewan. While it wasn't a completely earth shattering year, the shop did make more than 100 sales (which is a record!) and it was all because of you and your unwavering support throughout the year. Thank you for all the love! Here's to the New Year.

What We Love: Christmas Edition 2020

December 13, 2020

I purchased a pet portrait (not pictured above) for a friend as a Christmas gift from the wonderfully talented Denise Benison, and now I want one for myself! It was absolutely amazing, and now I am patiently waiting for her shop to open up again.

I have really been enjoying Leslie Odom Jr.'s Christmas album this year, specifically Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. His voice is so smooth and relaxing, especially when I'm driving home after a long day at work.

This ceramic artic fox dish from Vanilya Cermaics is absolutely adorable and completely practical. Sümeyye creates stunningly simply works of art that evoke a light and airy feeling in a studio in Singapore.

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