Thoughts: Getting that Crampy Feeling...

January 24, 2012
*Warning: This topic may make people a little uncomfortable.

It's been a very long time since I have had a monthly visit from my old Aunt Flo, but she finally got settled in for a good visit this past Sunday, and I have since noticed a couple of things. Let me start at the beginning:

Everyone knows that when you are pregnant, you no longer get your period -- one of the blessings of pregnancy. After giving birth, it seems as if you are menstruating for a good 2-4 weeks, but it is really just your body getting rid of everything that was protecting the baby -- so I don't really count that as a period. Let's just say that I pretty much have not had to worry about this for almost two years, and it has been absolutely fantastic -- and there were no hot flashes involved.

Getting that crampy feeling...again.

I really thought nothing of not having Aunt Flo for a visit for such a long time. I mean, it was at the back of my mind that someday she would come back, but I didn't really know when. I guess my body is pretty much done the process of repairing itself after having a baby, and now is the time. Which is why I have noticed is that there really may be something to this PMS thing -- you know, that getting our periods makes all women bitchy. I guess I never really noticed it because it was happening every month, and it was just a part of life. But, now that I have had such a huge gap between visitations, I have noticed that I am getting very upset with my husband over trivial little things:

Case 1
On Sunday, I wanted to learn how to use Google Documents for accounting purposes -- besides using a notebook and pen -- and I blew up at him for something that he may or may not have said that made it so I had to input the information all over again.

Case 2
Yesterday, my order from Dorothy Perkins arrived. I was so excited that I immediately put one of the shirts on, but my boobs are still too big, and the shirt got stuck. I asked him for help, and he gave me a funny look and took what felt like forever to put our son down on the ground to help me out. I blew up and had a mini panic-attack because he was taking too long to help me take a shirt off that I so desperately wanted out of.

Now, that isn't to say that I don't ever get upset. I'm human, and that is what I do. Sometimes these kind of situations frustrate me, but the degree with which I got upset is not normal of me in the past year. That is why I think there's something to this PMS thing, which I never really thought much of before.

The other thing that I have noticed is how much I really don't like having my monthly visitor -- nobody does, and if they say they do, don't believe them. But after not having it for so long, now I really don't like having it; getting it this weekend was like someone laughing at you after they punch you in the face.



  1. Ugh. I feel you... is there really anything more you can say then just... ugh? hahaha Happy to have found your cute blog!

    1. Haha! There truly is nothing else to say. Thanks so much for finding me :)

  2. oooooh, i am INSANELY cranky this week because of my period. pms makes me awful. i'm so thankful i'm going out of town thurs-sun so i can spare my dogs from my yelling when they're underfoot. and i'm counting down the days when i'll be back to normal. it should be next thursday, 2/2, fyi.

    1. I hate yelling at my dog, but there is nothing more annoying than when they are underfoot -- and especially so during that time of the month :)


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