The Summer List 2021: Complete

August 30, 2021

We had an amazing time this summer going through everything on our 2021 Summer List. It started off small, but grew as we figured out more things that we could do as activities opened up for the summer. We had a lot of fun doing some of our regular activities again, like visiting the outdoor pool, but also visiting different parts of the province that we haven't seen before, like Lake Diefenbaker. Overall, it was great to get out and explore!


Behind the Art: From This Day Forward

August 22, 2021

I wanted to create a neutral wedding card that didn't have any specific genders, stereotypes, or titles, and this is the first design that I came up with. I had created other cards that were later adapted to be available for 2SLGBTQ+ couples (which are still limited), but wanted one that had no link to the terms "bride" and "groom"; that was simple enough it could be used for any couple. 

That is where the design for From This Day Forward came from: with only gold wedding bands, and a phrase from typical vows, I hope that it can be used for any couple on their special day!



Read It: A Mind Spread Out On The Ground

August 06, 2021


Filled with essays that go from the history and evolution of mental health, to Reconciliation in Canada, to talking about relevant stories in the media and the impact that they can and should have on society as a whole. A Mind Spread Out On The Ground is thoughtful and introspective, leaving the reader with a yearning to learn more, but to also read it again.

Alicia Elliott covers all sorts of topics while weaving in stories from her childhood. Each chapter can stand on its own, but always flows perfectly with the one that came before and the one that follows. The beauty of this book is that I was able to see a perspective of life that I have never had the opportunity to see. That is the important work that books and authors do: they allow us to see the world through different eyes; to learn and grow.

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