Behind the Art: Onward and Outward

September 29, 2019

Does anyone remember when "Onward and Upward" was a popular phrase to write on wooden signs, etc? I could never find the source of those words when I created this art print several years ago, and when I write something out I like to credit it to someone (unless I've made it up myself), but I did find a poem by Walt Whitman called Song of Myself, 6 [A child said, What is the grass?], that had the phrase "onward and outward" in it (you can find it right at the end of the poem). 

The full quotation from which I plucked the words says "All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,/And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier." I was pulled to that a lot more than whatever inspired "Onward and Upward" because while the concept of "upward" might mean you are reaching for great heights, "outward" means so much more. You're growing, expanding, exploring! The universe grows outward, not upward.


Sask Expo 2019

September 21, 2019

Sask Expo is one of the highlights of my year! This year, we decided to spend two days at the expo. Since we've been going (check out some other posts related to the expo here), we have only gone for one day and we wanted to have more time to browse the amazing vendors and artists without feeling rushed. It also gave us the opportunity to see the celebrity panels on both days, and so much more cosplay! I was a huge fan of Fat Thor and Rosie from The Jetsons. There was also this amazing portrait of Stan Lee created with frosty Legos.

We wanted the first day to be very relaxed so we attended in what we called our "civilian clothes". It felt odd to not be dressed-up, and will now spend the time to do cosplay both days. This year, I went as Robin from Stranger Things while my friend did her makeup as a zombie and wrote "Don't Open Dead Inside" on her shirt. We invited a friend along that had never attended before and she dressed-up as Dustin from Stranger Things. She really wanted to wear his roast beef shirt and is now hooked on the idea of attending every year.

The celebrity panels were so much fun, insightful, and full of laughter (Marina Sirtis is amazing and incredibly hilarious), and the artists and vendors have so much creativity and love behind the work that they do (like Kirstin of Cutie Pie Amigurumi...check my Instagram to see what I purchased from her shop). They are so inspiring.


California Adventures: The Coast

September 10, 2019

What can be said about the California Coast that showcases it's beauty, diversity, and unparalleled experience. We drove from Los Angeles to McWay Falls along the coastline. We were so lucky that  a few months before our trip they had opened the stretch of highway that had been previously closed because of a mudslide so that we would be able to travel the entire coastal highway. 

Unfortunately, our son got sick in the car and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park was closed due to some heavy rains, but there was a spot reserved along the highway for tourists to stop to take photos of the famous waterfall that drops into the Pacific Ocean (yes...we drove 6 hours just for a waterfall). 

Luckily our son was feeling better during the drive back to Pismo Beach and we were able to stop to see the elephant seals in San Simeon. It was a beautiful, majestic drive full of physical and emotional twists and turns (that it takes 3 hours to travel such a long distance is no joke when you see the road you drive on), and I'm glad that we made the trek. 

But, like sometimes happens on vacation, I wish that we had had the opportunity to explore the park more, as well as some of the attractions along the way. Next time!


World Alzheimer's Month 2019

September 02, 2019

Forget Me Not painting from The Colorful Cat Studio

September 1 marked the beginning of World Alzheimer's Month and the shop's 6th September supporting the Alzheimer's Socitety of Canada.

As with previous years, when you make a purchase in the shop, including at an markets we attend, 15% of your purchase will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada where they provide support to those who are suffering from the disease and their families, and to promote research.

My family was affected by Alzheimer's many years ago when my Grandma was diagnosed with the disease. It was incredibly difficult to watch not only her suffer through her last few years, but my Grandpa and Dad as well.

I don't know if there will ever be a cure, or even a solid way to prevent Alzheimer's and dementia, but I do know that I will continue to support ALZ Canada as long as the shop is open in the hopes that your contribution through purchasing something for your own family or friends will help someone else's.

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