Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 3

January 21, 2012
It is almost unbelievable that I am posting Week 3 of the Photo-a-Day Challenge. I know we still have 11 more months to go before this year is over, but it's amazing how quickly these past few weeks have gone by -- see Week 1 and Week 2.

1. Day 15: Happiness - Happiness is Ivan jumping through all of the snow drifts and growing a little snow beard :)

2. Day 16: Morning - My morning starts when my little alarm clock wakes me up, asking me to get him out of bed.

3. Day 17: Water - Every morning, when my son and I get up, I fill-up a glass with water. I try to drink as much as I can...when I remember.

4. Day 18: Something I Bought - I haven't bought much recently for myself, but I did order this sweet little carrot brooch from Nuff Nuff Toys on Etsy because I love carrots!

5. Day 19: Sweet - I looove cupcakes! They are probably my most favourite treat to bake :)

6. Day 20: Someone I Love - My husband of almost 8 years! Yes...we were babies. And yes, I still love him.

7. Day 21: Reflection - Simple enough...the reflection of my wooden drawing model practicing ballet.


  1. i love little things like this. congratulations for the eight year anniversary of you and your husband (:

    p.s. come ride horses with meeee! (:

    1. Thanks, Memory! I would absolutely ride horses in a heartbeat with you...I'd just have to make a vacation out of it :)

  2. Oh my gosh - these are so awesome! Congratulations on making it to week 3 - huge accomplishment. I haven't even started on my goals yet ;-)

    Have a great night - Brandi

    1. Haha! Thank you, Brandi! I'm having a blast, but some days are difficult. Sometimes when I look at the list to see what I'm supposed to photograph I think: "good gravy...what am I going to do for that one!" But it's making me think differently creatively, and helping my creativity to not be all about the shop. What are some of your goals?


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