My Curly Hair Journey: 2.5 Years

January 15, 2023

This winter, I started to add some stuff to my routine, as well as change the way I do some things (thanks to this blog post):

1. I stopped scrunching out my hair once it was dry, and started letting it naturally crunch itself out during the day. This helped to keep the moisture sealed into my hair, as I had started to noticed that my hair was a lot more dry by the end of the day at work.

2. I started giving myself a scalp massage with some oil once a week, and then clarifying it with apple cider vinegar.

3. I have been drying my hair completely instead of letting it air dry for the last little bit of time.

4. I have been applying products and squeezing out extra water in the shower (while my head is upside down) and have not been plopping.

Through these four things, I have noticed that my hair is able to retain moisture a lot longer, as well as keep the curl a lot longer before I wash it again. It's been quite surprising, but I it's the best kind of surprise!

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