Those Precious Moments

May 18, 2012
Last night, we went to visit a friend of ours that recently had a baby. We were commenting on how we didn't even remember what it was like to have a baby that small, let-alone how it felt to be parents for the first time -- you know: the lack of sleep, the getting up what feels like every hour to feed the baby, the crying for what seemed like no reason, and the gas that made everyone grumpy.

Having a little nap on Mom's shoulder -- do you see the lack of sleep in my eyes?

You know how some people say that mothers forget what it's like to be pregnant and give birth so that they're more willing to have a second -- or third, or fourth, get the picture -- well, I wonder if this same phenomenon happens to parents after the first year of having a child so that they don't remember what it's like to get up every hour in the middle of the night; to have to burp the baby for 15 minutes and pray he/she doesn't spit-up...again; to hope that there won't be another sleepless night because the baby is gassy, so that they will be more likely to have another one.

I've forgotten. Well, obviously not completely if I'm able to tell you about it, but I do not remember what it feels like to have no sleep, or how annoying it was to have to burp my son for what felt like half an hour between breasts -- not to mention how hard it was to have him take an hour and a half to eat. As difficult as it was, I love thinking back to the precious moments -- like the ones where I had him sleeping in my arms -- and forgetting about all the bad ones.

I pray that you will cling to the good memories too.

Happy weekend :)

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  1. Every time that you hold a newborn no matter how many years since your own you remember the sweetness of the precious moments. I loved rocking my you remember my little one?


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