So Proud to Watch Him Grow

May 23, 2012
My little boy started walking on Mother's Day. It is amazing how quickly he started walking as soon as he realised that it was possible. He has been moving non-stop ever since. I love it!

That's one small step for Little Boy...

Besides walking, there are a few things that he seems to have learned recently, or that I have learned about him recently:

1. He is very clever - He can problem solve like nobody's business.
2. He is going to really enjoy puzzles - He spent half an hour playing with a little tube, taking the lid off and putting it back on
3. He is so helpful - He already puts items in the garbage -- correct items...although he does put some wrong ones in there too -- and he puts the cushion back on his little wicker chair.
4. He loves swimming - We took him swimming the other day, and he absolutely loved it. He wanted to go down the little slide over and over again, and he loved when we put him on a foam mat like it was a boat.
5. He loves to play chase - Not only does he love to chase people -- or the dog -- but he enjoys being chased himself -- and caught. The giggling that ensues is infectious :)

I am falling in love with him more and more every day. He is such an amazing little human being that loves to read all different kinds of books, play outside in the backyard, swing on the swings at the park, and cuddle with his mom and dad. I'm excited for what kind of person he is becoming, and for what he will be like in the future.

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