DIY: Stenciled Wrapping Paper

May 07, 2012
At the beginning of April, I had a baby shower to go to for a woman that I have known almost all of my life. She and her sister, and me and my sister all walked to school together, and our families often did things together as well. It is an exciting time because this is her first baby, and her parents' first grand-baby -- as well as her sister's first niece or nephew.

When we were together, we usually did crafty things -- we once made shoe boxes into houses for Popsicle stick people, and it got quite detailed -- so I decided to make the wrapping paper to use to wrap up her baby gift -- for old-times sake :)

I used:

kraft paper -- or what I like to call "parcel paper"
Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint in Mint Chip -- I love that colour :)
Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Stencils -- best invention ever!
and -- most importantly -- a small sponge brush

I set to work, putting rocks on the paper so it would stay in place and not roll-up on me, or move while I was dabbing the paper with the brush. The stencils stuck to the paper, so there was no need to use tape -- hence "best invention ever!"

I didn't really carefully plan where I was going to do the stenciling, so I will be more careful about that next time. I decided to do a staggered line for this project.

What I wasn't careful about was where the next line would go, and exactly how the staggering would continue, because the lines didn't exactly line up perfectly. I guess it was okay for this project because it was being used as wrapping paper.

Once it was dry, I wrapped the gift up and used some twine and paper circles to decorate the package. I wanted to give it a classy yet rustic look. I got the idea from this lovely post from the blog Unstitched.

It was a bit time consuming -- considering you can just walk into a store and purchase a roll of wrapping paper in a matter of minutes -- but it was also a lot of fun, and the package was gratefully received. I will definitely be doing this again!


  1. Well - I think it is simply lovely! And while it DOES take time (doesn't everything handmade ALWAYS take double the time you think it's going to take?) I think it shows, you can tell that it has been made and wrapped with so much care.

    1. You are so right! Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment :)

  2. Super fun - love this and love craft wrapping paper so this is perfection!

    Thanks for sharing - Brandi

    PS - hope all is going great!!!

  3. Thank you so much, Brandi! Everything is going well here...I hope everything is going well for you!

  4. Dear♥
    Your birthday card arrived...(a lot to late...i can´t understand this.)
    It is so lovely - thank you so much♥

    1. You are very welcome! That is so weird! I'm glad it finally arrived, and that you like it :)


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