Thoughts: Blog Salad

May 21, 2012
Have you ever watched the television show 2 Broke Girls? It's about these two waitresses that are trying to start a cupcake business, and are saving money to be able to do that, but they never seem to catch a break. In one episode, their stove breaks down and they need to buy a new one, and in several other episodes they never even make any money. It seemed like they were getting no where...until the last episode.

I asked my husband if he thought their lucky streak would last and he said that they would find some way to mess it up -- because that's what they usually do -- but I told him that it's so hard to watch a show where nothing good ever happens and there is only struggle.

That got me thinking about all of the blog posts and thoughts out there about people being real on their blogs. Everybody is complaining about how the lives of everyone else seem so perfect, but would you like to read the blog of a Debbie Downer every day? How many people would actually visit a blog where all someone did was complain about his/her life, or only ever posted about all of the horrible things that were happening to them? No one.

There's nothing wrong with sharing pain or sorrow.

There's nothing wrong with sharing happiness either, but there needs to be some balance, doesn't there?

No one wants to watch a movie where the characters are happy all the time and there is absolutely no conflict. How boring would that movie be? That's how I feel about the blogs where all people do is share DIY projects and happy little stories about their lives. Is everything truly sunshine and rainbows? Surely Positive Patty has something deep down that she wants to get off her chest, but maybe she's afraid to.

I know that people can post about whatever they want, but I also know that I don't read a lot of the blogs that I first did anymore because I no longer care about what they wear every day, or that they went on a dream vacation for the fifth time this year. Give me some struggle. Give me some thoughts. Those are the posts that suck me in, and I'm sure those are the posts that suck everyone else in too.

With that being said, your blog is your blog, and you should do what you want with it -- what makes you happy -- but, please, DO NOT be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings, ever. Your voice has a right to be heard too, and sometimes it's nice to have a break between all of those outfit posts -- not just for your readers, but for you too!

My request to the people of the internet is to mix it up a bit. Let's make a delicious salad of happiness, sadness, DIYs and thoughts.

Have a happy Monday :)


  1. well written! It's true - I think its through the struggle that you see the 'real' person. It's true in life too - everyone can be loving, nice, forgiving and wonderful when life is good - but when things begin to get tougher, well that is when you really get to see how people are. I'm always hesitant about sharing too much on my blog - but one post when I did scratch a bit below the surface, well, that one got lots and lots of comments!

    1. Thank you, Cari-Jane! It definitely is difficult to figure out how much to share on your blog without giving too much of yourself away, but still remaining a human being with feelings and thoughts. I'm hesitant too, but I've started sharing a bit more recently.


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