A Little Cell Phone Etiquette

May 11, 2012
There has been some discussion recently about allowing people to use their cell phones while watching a movie in the theatre. There are some people out there that think it should be allowed, while others, such as myself, think that cell phones should remain in movie-goers pockets.

I honestly think that there is nothing more annoying than seeing that little blue light in the theatre while someone is texting -- or tweeting or Facebooking -- or having someone answer their phone while I am trying to enjoy the movie that I paid almost $20 to see. I see going to a movie theatre as a way to escape reality and enjoy a story about another time and place, and that little blue light disrupts my connection with the characters and the screen.

I want to share with you a few more places where I think it is unfair to the people around you to use your cell phone, and I want to know what your thoughts are on texting in movie theatres -- as well as other places:

1. In church -- it's just not cool...not cool at all.
2. In a classroom -- there are people around you that are trying to learn and are distracted by you and your phone.
3. During a play -- if you think it's bad in a movie theatre, it's just poor etiquette in a real theatre.
4. While you are having diner at a restaurant -- be it with family or friends, your focus should be on them.

I hope you have a happy weekend, and a fantastic Mother's Day! See you on the flip-phone...I mean flip-side :)

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