Plant Markers: A Garden DIY

May 16, 2012
I ordered some organic heirloom herb seeds for my Mom as a Mother's Day gift, but I knew that I wanted to give her something else as well. I decided to make some little plant markers for her garden when she plants the seeds.

I used:

Wooden Plant Markers
Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in "Pond"
A Paint Brush
A Stamp
Black Stamp Pad
Ebony Writing Marker

I first added water to the paint to make a sort of wash so that the grain in the wooden plant markers would be somewhat visible, giving them a more rustic kind of look.

I then painted the front and back of each plant marker -- I found that I wasn't too careful, and the paint ended up getting on the other side of the plant marker.

Then I carefully wrote the name of each herb on the top of the plant marker, and used a stamp with a swirly design to stamp underneath the word to add a little extra loveliness. You can always draw something by hand if you don't have a stamp that will fit, or that you want to use.

After everything was dry, I tied a small piece of ribbon around each plant marker. My Mom said that they are almost too pretty to use. Have fun making your own!

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  1. They are lovely and I will use them. I am looking forward to the fresh herbs later this summer and hopefully some to harvest and dry for winter use. Thank you.


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