Two Blogs I Love

November 23, 2012
The title says it all. Today I want to share with you two blogs that I love. Both are inspirational to me in two very different ways. I hope that you will check them out, and maybe even find them as wonderful as I do. Happy Friday!

I love Hybrid Handmade. Cari-Jane is an incredibly poetic writer. She writes such lyrical sentences as: "There is a kind of magical thirty minutes just before dusk, when the light renders everything with an insistent intensity.  A fanfare of sorts, before dipping, prematurely it seems, below and away."

She mostly shares the inspirations behind her work -- she has some fascinating inspiration from nature -- but she has recently been sharing more about her life, and how it has been affecting her work -- her family just made a big move. She is such an amazing woman, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through her blog.

I first heard about Flock & Gather from a friend of my Mother. She told me about this group that puts together handmade markets with artists from the community and surrounding areas. I was intrigued. I had heard about handmade markets through other blogs, and here was one in my own community -- there are others, but they are rather large and you have to pay to get in. I excitedly looked for it online to find out when the next one would be, and discovered their blog.

It has been a great place to find out information about the market, but I have, more importantly, discovered a lot of new artists that I am proud are living near me. Don't worry if you can't attend the Flock & Gather markets, a lot of these artists can be found online too -- I shared some of my treasures from the last market here.


  1. I've only just found this post! Thank you so much for your kind words! Looking at the date of your post I can understand why I missed it! This was just before we moved house...oh my...what an upheaval that was. So I hope you can forgive me for not noticing until now. Bon Weekend to you and your family.

  2. I agree, Cari-Jane is not only a metalsmith/jeweler and architect, but a wonderful writer.


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