Happy 145th, Canada!

July 02, 2012
Yesterday, we celebrated the 145th birthday of our "home and native land" -- that would be Canada. As I was picking out the clothes that my son would be wearing today, I chose a cute new top that was blue and had a whale on it, but then I realised that it was Canada Day and we should be wearing red instead!

Fortunately, my son has several little red t-shirts -- and also red socks...haha...red sox -- so it was not difficult to get him ready for Canada Day, but I do not own any red clothing. I did have little flavours of red to go with my outfit yesterday.

As you can see, I have red earrings. I also painted my toes a lovely shade of red, and as I was getting ready to go to a movie with my husband, I realised that my purse is also red -- I had red covered for the day! p.s. I gave my bangs a good trim...I can see again!

Of course, my best red accessory is my little boy who turned 15 months old yesterday :)

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