The Big Day: Part Two

July 06, 2012
In Part One of The Big Day series, I shared photos from getting ready and the ceremony. In Part Two, I am sharing candid photos from the professional photo shoot and the reception with you. Our reception was a simple afternoon tea. We had no dance, and everything was over by 6pm. It was so nice to be able to go to our hotel room before 2am -- although we were still exhausted for the next two weeks.

Sitting Pretty: When my husband and I got married, I was still in university, and there was one building that I was absolutely in love with -- the architecture is amazing! I insisted that we have our professional photographs taken in front of, and around, this specific building. It was such a beautiful day to be outside.

With This Ring: You may have already read the story behind my engagement ring, but for those who haven't, I found the most beautiful sapphire setting in a flyer one day and that same day, my husband went and snatched it up! My husband wanted a simple gold wedding band, but I had it engraved with "L loves L".

Piece of Cake: Our wedding cake was made by a good family friend that makes the most amazing baked goods. She used real flowers to decorated it, and even tucked a little four-leaf clover that she had found in her clover patch that morning amongst all the other greenery -- it made it that much more special.

Kissie, Kissie: To make us kiss, our guests had to either answer a trivia question, or sing a song with the word "love" in it. Little did we know, there are a lot of songs with love in them :)

Cuuut!: We had an afternoon tea for our guests that was filled with goodies, so there ended up being a lot of cake left over, but we didn't mind eating it for desert over the next few months. Haha!

Careful Now: Surprisingly, my husband did not smoosh cake in my face, and I was kind enough to return the favour.

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  1. Great pics! I love looking at wedding pictures, there is so much joy!
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  2. Lovely pictures,you are so pretty.
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  3. so nice to read good stories...


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