Three Blogs You Should Visit

July 27, 2012
I want to share with you three blogs that I'm really enjoying right now. I love the way that they write, and believe that they don't have near the following that they deserve.

Meg, from the blog Meg + Andy, shares the coolest projects and has the coolest shop where she sells the most lovely handmade dolls. What draws me in to Meg + Andy? It's the way she writes her blog. She sucks you in to each story, and the photographs are amazing. She is so candid in the way that she talks about her children and her husband -- Handy Andy. I love it! She doesn't write very often, but, when she does, it's always worth reading.

Color Me Redhead is the blog that is filled with the thoughts and ideas of Sarah-Lambert. Not only does she share items and ideas that she has for her shop, but she also has some really thought-provoking discussions on her blog. She is a military wife, and recently made a big move to the coast. I have really enjoyed seeing how her move has inspired her, and given her new ideas for her shop.

I just recently discovered JT and The Sea, and fell instantly in love with it. Like the other two blogs, Jennifer has a way with words that make you want to read more, and her -- and her husband's -- photography is out of this world. She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and I've loved reading all of her latest posts about him and how their lives have changed. She is such an inspiration.

Please, check them out, and have a fantastic weekend :)

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