For the Bride and Groom

July 18, 2012
My husband and I went to the wedding of a good friend of mine this past weekend. I decided to do a little project as part of their wedding gift. I found the His + Hers Sharpie Mug DIY on the lovely blog A Beautiful Mess, about a month ago, and thought that it would be a fun project to do some time. This wedding was a perfect reason to try it out!

I drew out what I wanted to put on the mugs over and over again in my sketchbook so that I wasn't just drawing willy-nilly on the mugs -- I was too afraid of messing up. I didn't try washing them like Elsie did, but I did slip a little note in with one of the mugs explaining how they were made and that they should be hand-wash only.

I also framed this little art print -- Love Grows -- in a simple black frame, and we also gave them a gift card to The Bay so that they could pick out anything that they had their eyes on on their gift registry.

To finish it all off, I wrote a personal note to the couple thanking them for inviting us to share in celebrating such a special day in the Wedding Equation card that I just recently put in the shop.

Have you been to any weddings yet this Summer -- or this year?

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