Show Some Confidence

July 23, 2012
I did a boudoir photo shoot for a friend of mine this weekend. It was amazing to see her transform through the hours that I was with her from this shy girl into a confident woman. It really got me thinking about how we cover ourselves up, cloaking ourselves with make-up and other defence mechanisms.

So, I want to expose myself to you, and show you what I look like without make-up, and with make-up. It's so amazing what a difference make-up can make not only to what we physically feel, but how we feel emotionally as well. Like most people, make-up makes me feel more confident, and secure, but I want to reveal my true self to you, and show you that I can be a confident woman without my make-up, too.

Will you join me in showing the world that we don't need to hide behind make-up, fancy clothes, or other defence mechanisms? Share something you would like to expose about yourself on your blog, and post a link here in the comment section.

Let's show our confidence :)

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  1. I love this! I think so many women struggle with that. I actually think EVERY woman struggles with it. What an awesome example you are!

    Amanda at:

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! That means a lot to me.


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