Studio: A Little Peek

July 16, 2012
Haha! Do you like how I called it my "studio"? Far from it! It's an office that I share with my husband, but I thought I'd give you a little look at one of my work spaces. This is where I package the items that have been purchased, and get them ready to be sent on their way.

I found the little cabinet/cubby at HomeSense a little while ago, and fell in love with the rustic, country feel that it has. It seems very unfinished and rough, and I love that.

In each of the little cubbies, I have items that either decorate, go in/on, or close the packaging. From left to right: My business cards in a nice little black box; Scotch tape -- which is essential; the stamp pad and stamp that I use on all the card envelopes and mini folders that protect the art prints; a small card with my logo and business name on it that I use to write personal notes to each customer.

My left-handed scissors. They are my trusty side-kick, and take care of everything from cutting paper to ribbon.

My handy-dandy paper cutter that I use for doing all the fine trimming of art prints, and the little cards that I use to write the notes to customers. The fine art photo can be found at the lovely shop Anna Delores Photography.

Hope you're having a Happy Monday!


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