The Summer List

July 13, 2012
I found the most fantastic idea for Summer at the wonderful blog Meg + Andy back in June. It's called a Summer List. You make a list of all the fun activities and adventures that you'd like to have during the Summer, and check them off as you go.

Meg + Andy made a list of about 15 things that they'd like to do throughout the Summer with the help of their children. My little guy can only tell me when he wants to go outside, so I took the liberty of making up a list for us. It only has five activities.

Yesterday, we did the very first activity on the list. I took my little guy swimming in an outdoor pool for the first time, and we had so much fun! He loved splashing and jumping in the water, climbing up and down the steps and in and out of the water, and going for rides on the foam mat.

Although it's been marked off the list, we'll definitely be doing it again.

What's on your Summer List this year?


  1. aw fun :) swimming in summertime is a must :)

  2. How FUN! Thanks for letting me know about this thinger. Husband & I are living across the country for an adventures this summer. Lots has sucked and not gone as plan..but that is the FUN in it. Soooo awesome!

    Amanda at


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