Shop Update: The New Wave of Product Photography

January 06, 2014
I finally buckled down and started working on some new shop photography. It was a plan of mine to start working on it early last year, but the backdrops that I came up with did not make me happy and so I moved on. 

By the end of the year, something was tugging at me again to change my photography. I loved the look of the wood, but the paint colour behind my artwork and cards always looked different no matter what time of day, what season, or if the sun was hiding behind clouds. I needed uniformity, and I found it in two pieces of wood; simplicity at it's best. My product photos have started to go...

I like not only how the colour is uniform, but the scale of the artwork looks better. It looks more like a 3.5"x5" print than 5"x7" or larger. Next up is all of the cards -- we'll see how long that one takes me :)

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