January 12, 2014

This past Saturday was the annual fundraiser event for the local art gallery where artists, performers, musicians and restaurants from around the area get together for an awesome party -- I shared my experience last year, too. This year I tried boar bacon and tomato jam from Congress Beer House, and a chocolate pate from Calories -- both of which were absolutely delectable.

I also enjoyed listening to music from Minor Matter and Powder Blue, and when I first arrived I caught a performance from Ball and Chain Theatre. When we weren't listening to music or watching an act you could find us in the photo booth, checking out the art installation from Laura Payne, or adding to the art installation that guests were invited to help create. At the end of the night we danced away to music from The Gaff, Charlie Hustle & Mr. Fudge.

LUGO has become a tradition for my friend and I that we hope will continue for many years. It's such a fun was to support the arts, as well as local artists.

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