DIY: Make Your Own Watercolour Party Invitations

January 06, 2014
We just finished celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday this past weekend. To celebrate we invited friends and family to a party. I made the invitations myself with a little bit of watercolour paint and our lazer printer. I wanted them to be simple and fresh with only a splash of colour. So, of course I found some inspiration on Pinterest and went to town.

I used: 
5x7 card stock paper
Thick paintbrush
Lazer printer

I started off painting the card stock paper with the colour of paint that I decided to go with, and then let it dry. I used a smaller paint brush in the beginning, but it wasn't giving me the effect that I wanted so I grabbed one of my thicker brushes to use instead. After the paper was dry, I popped it in the printer and printed off the information that we wanted the guests to have.

If you made your own wedding invitations, then this should be a snap, otherwise there will be some trial and error with where you want the words placed on the paper. I recommend painting a few extra pieces of paper just in case!

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