When My Grandparents Got Engaged

December 30, 2013
While this time of year is usually a time of reflection and sharing photos while looking back at the year that has passed, I wanted to share with you something that I learned about my grandparents that I never knew before. This Christmas, my Grammie shared with us her engagement story -- which even my Mom didn't know all of. I thought it was such a precious story that I wanted to share it with you too. Although it is quite simple, it still very beautiful:

Let me start by saying that both my grandparents were people of the prairies, but they both ended up in Victoria, British Columbia. They loved to dance, and ended up meeting at one -- and went to many more during their subsequent marriage. They became engaged on Christmas Day of the year that they met. My Grandad asked her to marry him while they were alone together in the kitchen of her apartment -- I asked what he said to her, but it remains a secret.

My great-grandparents were in town visiting with my Grammie and her room-mate that Christmas, and  as she came out of the kitchen she held her hand out to her father and said to him "Not all of the Christmas presents are under the tree."

My grandparents during a trip to Ireland.

It made my heart so full to be able to hear such a story from the mouth of my grandmother as my grandfather has not been with us for many years. It's so wonderful to be able to get little snippets of their life together.

Have yourself a fantastic rest of 2013, and go make some precious stories in 2014! Take care :)

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