Hair History

January 19, 2014
My hair has gone through quite a few changes throughout my life. I was one of those babies that was born with very little hair, and what strands I had were what they call "fine". During my early years, my mom kept my hair quite short with the hope that it would thicken-up as I grew older. There are so many photos of me with scraggly long hair once I was at the age where I could decide if I wanted my hair cut or not. I went through phases where I would grow my hair and then chop it all off. Usually by the end of the school year I had had enough with my hair and *snip* *snip* it would be gone -- I even experimented with perms a few times in my later elementary school years.

The longest my hair has ever been was around the middle of my back. I got tired of it during my first year of university and chopped it all off, and since then I have experimented with various lengths. Usually when I would cut my hair I wouldn't go past my chin or ears, but when I graduated from university I took the plunge and went as short as I have ever felt comfortable going -- shaving my head has crossed my mind, but I'm not ready for that. It was the best time of my life because I could wash my hair and run out of the house. After I gave birth to the Little Boy I cut my hair into and asymmetrical bob, and I have since been working on growing that out -- after making it symmetrical again. Which length I will go to, I'm not quite sure. I've played around with the idea of growing it out for Locks for Love, but, with my history, something tells me I'll probably get tired of it and snip it all off, again.

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