Floundering Around

May 31, 2013
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I'm really struggling with blogging right now. I've reached the point where it feels like homework having everything scheduled and then making myself sit down and write.

I know it's important to write and get my ideas, thoughts, and feelings put down on...well...the screen I am excited as I write down my ideas for blog posts on my schedule, but when it comes time to type them up and get those ideas written down, I'm not excited anymore.

I know that scheduling is important because I didn't do it for a while and I felt like I was floundering then too, but something needs to change because I just don't care anymore and it's not fun. I want to care.

I need some time to think; I need some time to figure out what I want to do with this blog and where it's going to go -- if anywhere. I know that I don't want to copy what others do and take my own path; I want to keep sharing my life and the things I love with the world, but I also know that I want to inspire. Right now I don't feel like I am doing that.

What have you done when you get stuck in a spot that you're unhappy with?

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  1. It would seem that my whole little blogging universe is suffering a lack of....bloggyness (not sure what the correct technical term is for this). I hear from a lot of people who are finding that blogging has somehow lost it's spark for them (I include myself in this, since my move back to the UK I seem to have lost my voice somewhat). I wonder if blogs are being replaced by micro blogging sites like facebook and twitter? Are we all getting so hyper connected that we are just exhausted by all our 'feeds' from all these sites? But, in answer to your question...when I get stuck in an unhappy spot it is always a sign that something needs to change.


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