The Little Art Table

May 20, 2013
For his birthday, my Mom and Dad gave the Little Boy a little table and chair set that belonged to my Mother when she was a girl. A couple of weeks ago, I sanded it down and applied a dark stain to the top of the table and the seat of the two chairs, and then painted the legs of the table and the legs and backs of the chairs. Little Boy helped me pick out the colour of the paint -- he's very helpful with that kind of thing.


He loves sitting at the table to paint, colour with markers and crayons, and play with stickers. He has spent many a Sunny day sitting at the table to do art, and it makes me so happy to see him having so much fun -- especially because I am an artist myself :)

Have you done any fun little projects recently? Do your kids -- or hope your kids -- share some of your interests?


  1. this weekend... one of my sons asked me for my camera, he told me 'there is a drop of water on this plant, I need to take a picture of it'. So I showed him how to zoom in and 'click' he took his picture. Now, I wonder where he got that idea from? :) Your sons little drawing table looks great! He has some lovely pens too.

    1. What a precious moment, Cari! Thank you so much for sharing it.


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