Etsy Favourites: Purchases

May 29, 2013
Rather than just sharing a few of my favourite things that I have found on Etsy, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite things that I have recently bought, or have been bought for me, from other shops on Etsy.

I bought this hilarious card from the lovely shop Julie Ann Art -- have you heard of it? -- for my husband for Valentine's Day. He laughed :)

This lovely photograph from the shop bomobob can be found hanging on a wall in my bedroom. Although I haven't quite finished my bedroom yet, I have a vision of serenity and calm for it and this photograph fit in perfectly.

I know that I've shared these lovely yellow shoes from the shop The White Ribbon before, but I finally bought a pair of my own and I love them. They are so beautiful and feel like heaven on my feet. They are a new favourite shoe.

Simple Silver Hoop Earrings - simple everyday jewelry

These beautifully simply earrings were a gift from a fellow shop owner as part of a fun exchange that we did at Christmastime. They have since become a favourite, and a go-to for any outfit as they are perfect for all occasions. These earrings can be found in the shop Sparrow Grey.

 Two little wooden tree

These lovely little trees from the shop Saw It For You decorated my home during the holiday season. They added an extra touch to a Christmas display, and are among my new favourite decorations.

What are some of your favourites that you have recently purchased from a shop on Etsy?


  1. Aw, thanks for the feature! :] Glad you liked the card!

    1. You are so very welcome! You are wonderful to feature :)


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