DIY: Glitter Plate

May 17, 2013
When it comes to weddings, I am horrible at giving gifts. I usually forget to give a gift until many months later, or I grab something after the ceremony and wrap it before the reception. We have a wedding coming up soon and I have been brainstorming ideas of gifts to give -- details to come -- but I've also been thinking about the weddings that I've been to in the past year and haven't given the couple a gift. I understand that it might not be considered a mandatory thing anymore, but I still like to give a little something.

After seeing several pins on Pinterest about using Mod Podge and glitter to paint the soles of shoes, I thought that maybe I could do the same thing with a plate.

I Used:
A glass plate
Mod Podge
A Sponge

I found a beautiful glass plate at the local Value Village to use for the project.

Using a sponge, I mixed some Mod Podge and some glitter together and painted them onto the glass plate.

After it dried, I noticed that I was going to need a couple more coats of the mixture to make a consistent look -- so it didn't look so splotchy.

I painted only the bottom of the plate, but I love how it looks like it is coming up the sides. This project turned out fantastic. I almost don't want to give it away :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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