The Film Project: May

June 04, 2013
I'm so excited to share some of my favourite photos from The Film Project for the month of May. I had started taking photos several days before I introduced you to the project. Some of the photos are of objects and people around my home, but we also attended a wedding during the long weekend that I was able to snap some photos of. I am so pleased with the quality and richness of these photos. There is a beauty to them that cannot be found with a digital camera. For instance, I love the way the camera captured the light shining on my son's ball cap in the bottom photo.

There has been a bit of a re-learning curve involved. I haven't held this specific camera in my hands in more than seven years, and it's taken a bit of adjusting -- to my embarrassment, I even had to Google how to rewind the film. I only have a portrait lens, which is taking the most lovely photos, but I have had to get used to how far I need to stand away from my subject, and sometimes I hold the camera in front of me after taking a photo to see what it looks like -- not possible :)

I am really enjoying this project so far, though. I find myself being quite selective of when I use the camera because I only have 24 photos, and I usually only take 1-3 photos of each moment or subject. I can't wait to see what kind of moments I'll have for this month!

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