A Plumber and A Princess

October 31, 2012
So, I got the brilliant idea for me and my son to dress up together for Halloween this year. I work in an Early Learning Centre with preschool aged children, and so I have the joy -- and the lovely excuse of working with children -- to be able dress up on Halloween.

My brilliant costume idea...well, we're dressing up as Princess Peach and Mario -- the cutest little Mario that you ever did see!

He's not really a fan of the hat, so hopefully he will keep it on while Trick-or-Treating today. I think he left it on for all of 5 minutes during this photo shoot -- which, I guess, is a lot longer than the first time he wore it.

Happy Halloween to you and your family! Don't eat all your candy in one sitting :)


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! It totally was. I've already got next year planned...

  2. Oh my, he really was the cutest little Mario ever! :) He must have enjoyed trick or treating with or without the hat though, didn't he?
    So nice to have had you over my blog, please stop by again if you have the time, I am hosting a giveaway, if you're interested! :)


    1. Thank you, Erika! He loved Trick-or-Treating, and he loves the candy even more. Thanks for stopping by :)


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